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Licklist Guide to Bars In London

The choice of bars in London is enormous and as the city is so vast you will really need an idea of where you are going out before finding the best bars for a night out. London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world with a huge choice of pubs, bars and clubs for a great night out.  There are all types of bars in London such as sports bars, trendy bars, cocktail bars, cool bars, quirky bars, themed bars…the list is endless.

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Pubs and bars in London date as far back as the Roman times. The Romans sold food, ale and wine in places called Tabernae. After the departure of the Romans, ale houses sprang up all over the country. Ale is a potent brew of malted barley, similar to beer but without the hops. With increasing industrial pollution in England, water no longer was safe to drink, so ale became the drink of necessity. When the Romans left, pubs appeared all over the country.  Due to the massive amount of pollution water was often not safe to drink, so ale was drunk out of neccessity not just socially. Monks ran Inns, which catered for tired travellers.  In the Elizebethan era tavers were the norm and only sold wine. One of Londons oldest Inns is The George Inn on Borough High Street, SE1 near London Bridge. While there is still many historic places to drink, there is a whole host of modern bars in London that are well worth a look for a fantastic night out.   Getting to London London is Englands capital city. There are over 13 million people who call it their home and many of these are enjoying the diverse and vibrant nightlife the UKs biggest city has on offer. Getting to London is easy from almost everywhere.  For mainland rail have a look at prices on the train line or if you are on a budget try the National Express or Megabus. If you get here early there is a whole host of things to do in the capital.  London has beautif ul parks, fantastic shopping and loads of great places to eat.

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Ministry of Sound

The dance floor is big and the sound effect is nice. Just it’s not my cup of tea. Not really to electronic, so didn’t enjoy as much as the others. But recommend for those into disco music. But note that the entrance is overpriced! 21£ for students! To go try for once is nice, but not going once more read more


Interesting how a place that sells a kind of drug (alcohol) all night long got so surprised by some green stuff when they see it. It was the first and last visit on there. We're on the 21st century and for sure more are the ones that go in with your illigal stuff than the ones you catch. Keep up you read more

Ministry of Sound

An awesome club when it comes to DJ and and sound quality. Service and drinks could be a bit better. It's expensive but not so far off other places in London.

Ministry of Sound

MoS is one of the best clubs I've been to in London. Pepe the bartender is amazing. Only slightly annoying thing is the main DJs do not get there until late at night (2:30-3am) but that's not their fault. A lot of negative reviews are because of security. Just buy your ticket in advance online and d read more

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