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Licklist Guide to Bars in Camden

Welcome to our guide to the bars in Camden.  If you are going out in Camden and don’t know the area or you are looking for a new bar, we can help you plan your night out.  Licklist is your guide to events, festivals, clubs and bars in Camden, London and throughout the UK.  Our users have chosen the top bars in Camden, our photo galleries are great for seeing what the different nightlife venues in Camden are all about our users often post reviews of their experiences, so you can make a more informed choice when going out in Camden.  

One of the most popular areas for a night out in London, Camden is a haven for live music venues, but there is much more to it than that with clubs, cocktail bars, sports bars, traditional boozers and much more.  Dive in and enjoy a night out in Camden.

Photo Galleries of Bars in Camden

You can share your experience of the bars in Camden by posting a review of the establishments you visited.  We want to hear if you have found a hidden gem of a bar in Camden, your impression of popular watering holes or whether you have been to a place people would be best advised to swerve.  If you aren’t a Licklist user yet, why not join the party and get even more out of Licklist.

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Reviews Bars in Camden

The Underworld

Nice cosy venue for small gigs. Get up close to the action and be surrounded by real music lovers. No alcohol free beer which was disappointing in this day and age if you don’t like sweet drinks and are driving.

The Underworld

Decent venue that draws amazing live acts to London. Friendly staff. Shame about the giant pillars that block the stage. Good prices, though some pints are £6+...

Shaka Zulu

Who ever told you this place was worth a visit they're lying. I've had better service at MDonald's. Portions are a joke. You can sense they are trying to clearly make back every cent on the decor which is worth a look if you in the area but certainly not worth going out your way to come from anywher read more

Licklist top 5 Bars in Camden

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