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81 Wardour Street
Soho, Greater London W1D 6QD


020 7478 0530



About this Venue

The Village was the first gay bar to open its doors in London's Soho. Within months more gay bars began to open in the area, trying to replicate the successful formula that Village had so cleverly perfected. But, The Village Bar is unique and continues to be so to this day. With its combination of w read more


Venue Type

Bars, Dance & Night Club, Gay Bar

Village, 81 Wardour Street 81 Wardour Street, Soho, Greater London W1D 6QD


Anthony Smith

What is it with the attitude of security at gay bars? So threatening. I visited Village Bar Thurs 21st Feb and security guy was so rude and unwelcoming. Don't we get enough hassle elsewhere without getting it in "safe zones"? Shame on the bars for employing hostile security. No wonder homophobia is read more

kai tejani

Bouncer's obnoxiously rude and goes out of his way to aggravate, shoved me back barking THIS SIDE IS A PRIVATE PARTY before even asking for my id - not mentioning that there was simply another door - before i'd even managed to get a word out then went out of his way to run round to the other door an read more

Robert Feeney

AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL! £18 for 1 pink gone and lemonade and 1 amaretto and coke! No receipt given and they were flat and awful!!! Bar tender chatted to friend with earphones in and had no idea how to make The cocktails on the menu!! Customer service, quality and the ability to tend bar is a minimum! Avo read more

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