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The Banshee Labyrinth


29 - 35 Niddry Street
Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH1 1LG


0131 558 8209



About this Venue

Bar nightclub in Edinburgh.


Venue Type

Nightclub, Bar

Type of Night


The Banshee Labyrinth, 29 - 35 Niddry Street 29 - 35 Niddry Street, Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH1 1LG


Monika Zoń

Amazing bar!!! Best staff - really put up with us on a Monday and were super friendly. Very different to most bars, too.

ElinBlue .

By horror lovers and geeks for horror lovers and geeks! Several rooms to sit and chat, good music, two bars - and the absolute BEST part: a small cinema that shows nerdy, horror movies every night! For FREE! The perfect way to spend a night if you're tired of the pub hang. I love this place.

Darryl M

Great themed bar, heaps of room and options for things to do inside. From a cinema to pool, there's something to keep everyone occupied. Friendly staff with good prices.

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