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PRYZM Bristol


The South Buildings, Canons Road
Bristol, Bristol BS15UH


0117 927 9203



About this Venue

PRYZM has become one of the most favoured clubs in Bristol with an appealing and pro-active nightlife for anyone over the age of 18 to enjoy. PRYZM the exclusive nightclub located in Bristol is worth going to regardless of where you are on the map because of the massively talented acts they get to p read more


Venue Type

Bar, Dance & Night Club, Pub, Performance & Event Venue

PRYZM Bristol, The South Buildings, Canons Road The South Buildings, Canons Road, Bristol, Bristol BS15UH



The women bouncer got funny with me last night and didn't let me in because of my "attitude". Was perfectly sober and was going to have a good night. Was always my go to place but the female bouncer ruined my night.

Tom Francis

Bouncers are usually thugs, music can be okay but the DJ rewinds I every 5 seconds so it just sounds rubbish and makes a 3 minute song last 10. Boring really. Gravity far better...

Joe Hilliard

I got bullied by a bouncer for wearing a light jacket with no explanation of why its a problem. I have bad anxiety so I wear what I feel comfortable in, but I was really badly treated. Disgusting behaviour by someone in 'power'. I will be filing a formal complaint against him.

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