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Portobello Star


171 Portobello Road
Notting Hill, Greater London W11 2DY


020 7229 8220



About this Venue

Portobello Star Bar | Home Infused Spirits, Delicious Cocktails & Craft Beer | Cheers, Salut, Skål and Nazdrowie. Frequented by Royals, scallywags, urchins, beggars, scarlet ladies, drunkards, intellectuals, popular musicians of the day and the occasional association football player. In recent ye read more


Venue Type

Bar, Cocktail Bar

Portobello Star, 171 Portobello Road 171 Portobello Road, Notting Hill, Greater London W11 2DY


Lucía Camarillo

Very nice place in Notting hill with great vibes and music they even have a free pop corn machine! :)

Adam Williams

Loved this place! Really nicely done out, tasty drinks, fantastic bartenders, just somewhere chilled away from the hustle and bustle

thomas brandani

Great Music...Once they put on an Hendrix's song that blew my mind...nice cheecks around. .I never pay for a drink..Some pics 4 ya..

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