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Licklist Guide to Bars in Exeter

Last updated: 09/12/2014 09:56:34

Choosing a bar to go to can often be hit and miss.  Once you find that special one though many people end up being a regular.  So how do you find new Bars in Exeter to go to while swerving the dives?  

Browse our comprehensive list of Bars in Exeter and get an idea of what to expect before hand! All of our reviews are genuine, left by our users after their night out in Exeter .

So if you are looking for Bars in Exeter , or are planning a night out in Exeter and don't know the area too well, be sure to have a look at the listings we have on our site to make a more educated guess!

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Andy Marillier :

Andy Marillier :

Sat, 26th November
Walkabout Exeter · Exeter
Can't remember but always had a good time!! X
Colin Stamp  :

Colin Stamp :

Wed, 7th December
Walkabout Exeter · Exeter
Full of screaming teenagers nightmare old enough I doubt it
Tracey Miller  :

Tracey Miller :

Sat, 28th January
Walkabout Exeter · Exeter
Bar man rude wasn't watching who need to be served place was empty sat at a table and all you could smell was the men's toilets
Kevin Freestone :

Kevin Freestone :

Tue, 7th March
Walkabout Exeter · Exeter
Walkabout wankers have no idea how to serve Coopers. Could do with proper beer, not chilled.