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Licklist Guide to Bars in Bournemouth

Looking for a good bar in Bournemouth?  Read our reviews and listings for the top bars in Bournemouth and find your ideal venues for a night out on the South Coast.  Bournemouth is a vibrant resort with bars, pubs and clubs for a variety of tastes and moods so there should be a good selection of establishments that fit your needs.   Our guide to bars in Bournemouth will help you swerve the dives and find the best venues to enjoy on your night out.  Our handy resource for planning a night out includes Bournemouth bar reviews, nightlife photo galleries of bars in Bournemouth and the Licklist picks of top 5 bars in Bournemouth as picked by our users. 

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Reviews of Bars in Bournemouth

Bournemouth has a reputation for a brilliant nightlife and a fantastic pick of great bars to enjoy across the resort - is this true?  If you have been out partying in Bournemouth and discovered a brilliant bar, share your experiences at Licklist and help others swerve the dives and make an informed decision on the best bars to visit in Bournemouth. 

Reviews Bars in Bournemouth

Walkabout Bournemouth

Beer was lovely as was the food but we waited nearly 45 minutes for 2 x burger and chips whilst the chef was apparently catering for an upstairs party. It would have been very nice to have been told that before ordered.

Walkabout Bournemouth

Great night out for students to buy cheap alcohol, listen to cheesey 80's/90's tunes... Like 3 ABBA in the space of 2 hours. Slipping all over the floor is a given and watch out for the teens that can't handle their drink vomiting in the corner. Oh and try to avoid the toilets. But otherwise it's go read more

Walkabout Bournemouth

Solid sports bar. Great for groups of guys during the day and good evening venue for all at the weekend. Reasonably priced food and drink.

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