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Admiral Duncan


54 Old Compton Street
Soho, Greater London W1D 4UD


020 7437 5300



About this Venue

The Admiral Duncan is a friendly pub with a 'Local' atmosphere in the heart of the capital. The vibrant bar staff match the ecclectic range of customers so we have something to everybodies taste. Host to a range of event nights the Admiral Duncan caters for everyone and anyone. Come join us for a read more


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Admiral Duncan, 54 Old Compton Street 54 Old Compton Street, Soho, Greater London W1D 4UD


Dominic Bromley

Cracking venue, atmosphere was brilliant, everyone was having a fantastic time. Live was decent.

Dean Worton

Small and quirky little bar. Great friendly bar staff...entertainment nearly every night. Worth a visit

Simon Magus

I have been a regular at the Duncan for a number of years. However, I have to say the (less than amenable) current manager’s insistence that the door be left open - ‘because more people will come in’ - is infuriating. It speaks of not actually caring about the comfort of your clients. As a public se read more

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