Dot to Dot: The Modern Festival!

Festival Season Cometh

Festival season is fast approaching and although we all have visions of sitting in a field with our friends drinking cider, wearing shorts, trying not to get sunburned whilst listening to our favourite artists and bands, the Great British weather has a nasty habit of (literally) raining on everyone’s parade. As serial parade enthusiast and hater of all things wet and muddy, this has often tainted the festival experience for us here at Licklist. Our idea of fun isn’t waking up with the inevitable hangover and having to swim out of the campsite and towards the stages.

Because of this, we want to offers you guys everything that the Reading, Leeds and Glastonbury’s offer but without the negative effects of damp clothes and mud slides. For those of you that feel the same, Dot to Dot might be the answer to your prayers.

Based in Manchester, Bristol and Nottingham respectively over the Spring Bank holiday weekend, Dot to Dot promises to offer all the perks of a traditional outdoor music festival but with none of the drawbacks. 14 hours of live music across multiple stages, a fraction of the price and no worry about getting flooded out of your tent. This really isn’t one to miss.

Where did it all start..?

The Festival started nine years ago in Nottingham and aspired to showcase not only well established acts, but also to give those who are trying to break into the music business a chance to show that they’ve got what it takes. Since then, the festival has only grown in popularity with previous line-ups including Mumford and sons, Annie Mac, Georgie Rose and the XX and is gaining more and more recognition as one not to be missed. In 2013 it even won Best Metropolitan Festival of the year… Surely that’s enough to convince you to buy a ticket?

Why should I go…?

With the sound waves of summer saturated with house, deep house, tropical house and many other kinds of house, it’s a nice change to see the festivals city of origin continuing to embrace real artists and celebrate the wonder that is the guitar. The Nottingham music scene is one of the best in the country and has produced talent that ranges from Jake Bugg to London Grammar. The city knows what it’s doing when it comes to putting on a good show, and Dot to Dot is a prime example of that, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

In keeping with its ethos, this year’s Nottingham line-up included headliners Peace, Drenge and Real Estate, with support from many smaller acts including 94 Gunships, Band of Jackals and Amber Run. It’s this cocktail of chart topping acts and local talent that gives the festival its unique feel. Venues included Rock City, Rescue Rooms, The Bodega and Jam Café, all of who are successful and celebrated venues in their own right.

The only downfall to the festival is it’s single-day time frame, which means that there is no rotation – all of the bands play one city, and then move on to the next. Unfortunately this means that it is impossible to get between all of the venues fast enough to see everyone you may want to see. But this shouldn’t put you off, there’ll be enough going on throughout the day to keep you entertained, and you may even discover your favourite new band.

With a heat wave predicted and no work the next day, you’ve no excuse not to go!

By Paige Bromley