Five million pound superclub! (Gatecrasher) Birmingham

Birmingham’s very own ‘superclub’

Gatecrasher’s ‘five million pound superclub’ in Birmingham is indisputably one of the biggest clubs you’ll find on these shores. The iconic clubbing brand attracts big names from all over the world. Snoop Dogg has been there recently, as has Drake and erm…Gaz from Geordie Shore.

Open five nights a week, Gatecrasher offers luxury hospitality, the biggest names in house music, podium dancers and plenty of drinks offers. Here at Licklist, we think this is one of the essential nights out in the UK.

What’s On

Saturday night is the big one, dubbed the Superstar Boudoir, there are four rooms of music to suit almost any taste. While the Main Room plays all the latest, cutting edge house music from the world’s biggest DJs, Mansion offers a more grimy dubstep/drum& bass scene. Additionally, if you feel like some smooth R’n’B licks, then two-step your way to Bed. For a mash-up of anything and everything, Arkade is your area.

‘Get On It’ Thursdays (ah you’re interested now aren’t you) do exactly what they say on the tin; 99p for a single vodka, £1 for a J-Bomb etc etc. We can see how this night usually results in hundreds of Brummies’ in the gutter at four in the morning.

Get Down Early Or Pay

Given that you won’t find many clubs of this stature outside of the Balearic Isles, you won’t have to pay through the nose to get yourself inside. On normal nights i.e. nights without a superstar DJ set, you can get in from as little as a pound, depending on how early you can get ready and if you’re organised enough to get yourself on the guestlist. After midnight, on the door, you’re looking at anything up to £10 so get yourself on that list. So we recommend you start getting ready at six rather than eight.

Gatecrasher is right at the heart of Birmingham’s most popular leisure and entertainment destination, Broad Street, located in the Westside district of the city centre. The area is littered with bars and restaurants, perfect for making a whole night of it.

By Tom Konstantynowicz