Made in... Edinburgh?!

Here at Licklist towers, we have to admit that watching ‘Made in Chelsea’ is a bit of a guilty pleasure. Yeah, it’s fair to say that show is just a bunch of rich kids running around, acting like fourteen year-olds with Porsches, but we like watching people make idiots of themselves on TV just as much as everyone else.

Some of their favourite bars and clubs are the hottest and most expensive places in London. But if the Chelsea lifestyle is slightly out of your budget, have no fear. Here at Licklist, we know a thing or two about what makes a good night. Trust us, Edinburgh has it all.  It’s not all about the Kings road or Sloane Square. The real place to be is George Street or the Cowgate!

Yep, Edinburgh offers just as much, if not more, than West London. Whether you just want to chill in a nice pub with some mates or fancy a big night out, the Scottish capital has it all to offer. But the best part is that you can do all this for a fraction of the price!

With four different unis, around 100,000 students, all of who live off of super-noodles and orange squash, and a reputation for Stag and Hen nights, it’s no surprise that Edinburgh offers such a great night out.

The Flying Scotsman…

One of the best things about this city is that it’s so easy to get to. Name a form of transport… Edinburgh is guaranteed to have it! Whether you’re driving, taking the train, lucky enough to fly or even grabbing a rickshaw the city is open and easy to get around in.

Edinburgh Waverly station actually acts as the centrepiece of the city, dividing not only Old and New Town but also the main bar and club areas…

Splashing the Cash…

If you fancy a really sophisticated and chic night-out, George Street in New Town is the place to be.  With loads of edgy bars, designer shops and glamorous clubs, it’s the Edinburgh equivalent of Knightsbridge.

A typical night out on George Street starts with cocktails at Tigerlily or Le Monde followed by a slightly tipsy wonder down one of the nicest streets in Britain to Lulu’s or Opal. These basement clubs may seem cramped and small from the outside, but once you’re in, you won’t want to leave. Multiple rooms with multiple DJs, it’s almost impossible to have a bad time.

However, be warned! George Street is not the cheapest places you can buy a pint. Be prepared to pay a bit extra. That said, each club on will have a student night once a week, when entry is almost half price and drinks are even cheaper. If this is still a bit too much, don’t fear. The rest of Edinburgh has loads to offer.

Coming back down to Earth…

OK, so you’ve blown a large part of your budget on one-too-many cocktails on George Street. Thankfully, the Cowgate exists. Known as one of the most historic streets in the city, leading directly to the foot of the castle, the Cowgate provides the best night out for those on a budget. The bars and clubs number in the double figures and are always filled with students looking for the best and cheapest nights out. Here at Licklist towers, we’ve always been big fans of the ‘have just one more’ mind of thought. The Cowgate was built on this philosophy.

The newly refurbished Pilgrim gives you the cheap drinks in a nice space, filled with empty suitcases and 1930s cinema seating. Yep, this place really does exist. If this doesn’t appeal, the world-famous Brewdog is always just a gentle stroll down the road. Offering some of the most rare beers out there, it’s the perfect place for meeting a few friends.

In terms of the clubs, you’re really spoilt for choice. Open seven days a week, Hive is a favourite destination for Edinburgh’s locals. But there’s always Bongo or Sneaky Pete’s as well. Focusing mostly on Hip-Hop and RnB, these clubs offer you a fantastic night of cheap drinks and great tunes.

Don’t forget, Edinburgh is a European capital…

This city has loads of secrets up it sleeve. You’ll always see little bars and clubs, the real gems. They may not be the busiest places, but if you’re with a group of friends, these places present you with a hassle-free, fun night out.

Boteco do Brasil opened a few months ago and is already a favourite of ours at Licklist towers. With reduced pricing during the week and a Salsa club in the basement, this bar really is a recipe for a great night. If salsa isn’t what you like, why not try some smooth Jazz. The Jazz Bar on Chambers Street never fails to fill the air with smooth melodies. Coupled with great cocktails, this hidden bar has proven to be a favourite for loads of people.

So what do we think?

Yep, Edinburgh has it all to offer. There’s something here for everyone. Whether you fancy an elegant night on George Street or want to have fun on a budget on the Cowgate, this city really doesn’t fail to please. And even if you’re not having fun, other options are only a ten-minute walk away. Who knows, you might see someone famous. The Scottish Rugby boys do love a night at Opal after all.

By Gurjot Thind