If you’re torn between a countryside retreat and a high quality festival for a summer break, then look no further than Latitude festival. Set in the expansive Suffolk countryside, Latitude is a pleasant, amiable and all round fun experience. Possessing all of the qualities that make the countryside special (lovely scenery, local food, etc.) combined with the essentials of a festival (great music, lively atmosphere), Latitude is perhaps the perfect weekend break.

The weekend is held in the middle of July, giving you the best opportunity to experience the best weather that Britain is likely to produce (although, Britain being Britain, rain is always a possibility) so bring your sunhats, deck chairs and beer coolers because at Latitude the sun, as with the rest of the festival, is enjoyed in style.

Latitude prides itself on its appeal to all walks of society. One of the most prominent family friendly festivals, you won’t be troubled if you take your whole crew along, meaning grandparents, parents and children are all able to experience the festival together. There’s even a special family camping area, protected by security so you can rest easy at night without being troubled by drunken teenagers on their mad weekend away.

But kids, if you thought this is a tame family orientated festival, think again! Latitude remains one of Britain’s most exuberant festivals, with over 35’000 eager festival-goers present and not willing to be silenced.

For this reason, Latitude is the most accessible, most wide-reaching festival in the country, and a must for both festival lovers and first timers of all ages.

The activities available at Latitude reflect its wide audience base. There is of course great music – last year’s headliners included legendary electronic band Kraftwerk, indie band Bloc Party and Latitude veterans Foals, whilst previous years have seen Paul Weller, Elbow and Paolo Nutini grace the main Obelisk arena. Latitude is also renowned for showcasing the best local talent Suffolk has to offer, including classical music groups and poets as well as the expected acts.

The music is just one aspect of the range of activities on offer at Latitude, as there are tents that cater exclusively for comedy, theatre & dance, film & music, literary and cabaret performers. The comedy tent in particular draws a large crowd, as big names such as Dara O’Briain and Simon Amstell regularly perform.

So, if your tastes appeal to a wide range of artistic endeavours, then Latitude is the only festival worth considering this summer!

As you would expect with this quirky rural festival, the food and drink on offer is of the highest quality, and is merely another reason why Latitude rules the roost when it comes to all round experience. Food of every shape, size, colour and flavour is available, including an impressive range of organic and vegetarian offerings. First port of call for food though has to be the famed Ostrich burger, a taste experience like no other.

A good analogy for the rest of the festival I feel.

By Guy Robertson