Venue... G-A-Y Manchester

Regardless of your sexual orientation, you have most definitely heard about the infamous London club, G-A-Y.  Don’t even pretend that you haven’t! Let that macho exterior down lads because chances are you’ve been there at some point or another with some mates, or even the missus! Apart from it’s brilliant, yet simple, name which basically clues you in to it’s favoured clientele, this club has had it’s fair share of history in London town over the years. It has played host to some serious grade A talent, with the likes of Lady Gaga, Kylie, Fenech-Soler and Cher gracing the stage at one point or another over the years. The venue has been a favourite of a beautiful spectrum of individuals, and in 2011 it expanded it’s horizons to the party city of MANCHESTER!

This northern sister of the London club is the shining star of Manchester’s gay scene. Towering above it’s competitors, it dominates the main clubbing street and is pretty hard to miss. The large and in charge capital letters spelling out G-A-Y pretty much give it away! But it’s not the size that counts (or at least that is what we’re told). Inside the club sprawls out like a labyrinth, with a bunch of twists and turns that’ll keep even the drunkest of people occupied, spreading over the two floors. And one key feature piece we must mention is the smoking terrace upstairs. Easily the best of it’s kind for miles around, the terrace open out over the shining canals of the city and provides a glorious view all around during the day.

Moving back down to the main area, from the chill of the upstairs terrace, there are flashing screens showing off the country’s best pop music videos on a continual loop. And through all of this the most experienced and best DJ’s play fantastic sets that range from your typical pop goodness to deep entrancing house beats; a little something for everyone!

G-A-Y in Manchester is the perfect place to kick off your night out! The bar itself, along with the cheesy tunes, are perfect, but what’ll keep you coming night after night are their killer drinks deals. Nine nights out of Ten, you can get a spirit + mixer for £1.50. Seriously. We ain’t kidding, folks! Grab yourself a few voddies before heading out to explore the rest of what Manchester has to offer! Continue on down through the Gay Village along the canals or take a short walk into the City Centre where a whole load of clubs await! You might even end up back here seeing as the place stays open till 4am! 

By Conor McGee