Derby Demolition!

More famous for its factories than its nightclubs, Derby is city that we’re sure not many of you have heard of. However don’t let its relative anonymity put you off. We’re here to tell you that Derby is actually a great night out and a place that everyone should try. It is frequented by Burton-On-Trent and Uttoxeter locals and has a large student population which means that prices are low and energy runs high. And being small isn’t a bad thing, all it means is that you spend less time walking through town and more time partying. It’s a win-win situation.

Derby offers an eclectic mix of pubs, bars and clubs so whether you fancy a quiet night, listening to acoustic music and drinking ale or would rather blow off steam by dancing the night away, there’s sure to be something to suit you. It has the old favourites, like Revolution and a Slug and Lettuce, but also offers something a little different as well.

There are various nightclubs situated in the centre of Derby so you’re right in the action. A famous and familiar brand across the UK, Derby has its own Fever Night club. One of the larger clubs in town, it has three rooms, each playing a different genre of music ranging from 80s and 90s hits to RnB. What are the best things about this club? Firstly, it has a room called the Buddhalounge, which instantly makes it cool, and wait for it… It has a Wii which is free for customers to use! How great is that?! Who needs Katy Perry when you’ve got Mario Kart?!

A popular student destination is the Blue Note. Playing chart hits throughout the night, students get in free and drinks prices are low, making it a very popular venue on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights. Don’t worry if you’re not a student though, it’s only £3 entry for non NUS.

Mosh nightclub is Derby’s premiere alternative night out. If chart hits aren’t your thing then come on down to Mosh Mondays. Living up to its name mosh plays the best of Rock, Ska, Metal and Indie, and is a favourite amongst the tattooed and the pierced. Again drinks are pretty reasonable (Good old derby!) with a double vodka mixer setting you back a miniscule £2.50. You might even win their customer of the week, which means you get fee entry the week after. Just be mindful of the smell however, mosh should probably release a disclaimer warning their customers of the negative effects of moshing on personal scent.

If something more sophisticated is what you’re looking for, Derby also has a plethora of wine and cocktail bars for you to choose from. Why not come for drinks at Seymour’s, or have dinner at the Fat Cat café and then stay for a few mojitos on their pretty terrace that overlook the city.

Or if pub sports are your thing, why not try out the Courtyard? They not only have regular live music, they also show live sports games on the big screen and offer a variety of different beers, ales and cocktails. Alongside this, they hold darts, pool and poker leagues for you to take part in. Move over Phil Taylor!

If you’re just looking for a quieter way to spend the evening, there are various pubs in and around Derby such as the Flower Pot and the Bell, which offer real ale, pub food and occasional live music. Or if you’re looking to fill your stomach before you go out and party try Iberico, the world Tapas Restaurant, which serves up some of the best and most original tapas dishes in the area.

Derby may only be small, but it certainly packs a punch. Don’t believe me? Looks like you’re going to have to find out for yourself!

By Paige Bromley