Bring it on Brighton

Brighton gained its title as they gay capital of England for obvious reasons and can offer a pretty alternative yet a truly ‘dope’ night out. If you are looking for somewhere a little less mainstream to feed your indie heart, Brighton may just totally be your new number one place…

Trilbys and Tainted Love

So what does the famous Brighton have to offer? Well if you are a lover of all things alternative combined with a passion for 80’s music, The Haunt nightclub, set just a stone’s throw from the seafront, is the one for you. The 80’s music nights are bound to inspire you into having ‘the time of your life’ whilst you robot/moonwalk/whatever takes your fancy across the dance floor. It’s on the smaller side of the Brighton nightclub scene, yet that totally makes it more alternative (if that was even possible).

‘Oh my god that is so Brighton’ is a phrase that you will constantly hear when regarding someone’s outfit. Trilby hats, eyeliner and piercings are practically uniform for the club, with each party outfit trying to out-indie the next. It’s the best place to show off your totally indie, ultra ‘alt’ threads you just bought from a vintage store in the lanes. It could even be considered as a nighttime fashion show, only with the prize being awarded to the most individual rather than most fashionable.

If you’re not a fan of 80’s music don’t fret, they are not that common occurrence at The Haunt. The resident DJs will often play your favourite tunes, although don’t expect to hear dance type chart music; that’s totally not The Haunt’s vibe. It is also a live music venue, where you can listen to various bands and undiscovered acts of which you can boast to your friends about hearing them first.

The Haunt is a ‘shabby chic’ venue that does not have the luxury of plush sofas and multiple bars, but it does have one of the best alternative music scenes in Brighton. The drinks can be, emphasis on the can be (depending on the time/day/week/year) relatively cheap too, which is of course always a bonus.

The Social Hub of LGBT

Revenge nightclub, the social hub of the LGBT community in Brighton. It caters for all sexualities and is a damn good night, possibly the most welcoming club in Brighton!

Revenge has some of the best pop remixes in the world and will be sure to have you dancing the night away whilst singing until your hearts content. There are also loads of themed nights, with regular foam parties and nights such as ‘Thursgay’. Honestly, what more could you want?

With attributes such as unisex toilets and a smoking area that gives what can only be described as fantastic (even more so when wasted) views of the seafront, Revenge nightclub is one of a kind. They also have many celebrity appearances with Ms Dynamite and Rylan from X Factor recently attending. What more can we say, it pretty much sells itself!

If none of that appeals to you, there’s always Coalition. A favourite venue for touring bands and with six club nights a week, you’ll struggle to find somewhere better to spend your hard earned cash. On Wednesdays, Coalition host their Coco Loco night, playing some of the freshest House and Dance tracks around. If that’s not your thing, try their Trash Mondays. With more of an urban theme, you’ll find yourself krumping long into the night.

There are of course many nightclubs and bars in Brighton that cater for all music tastes and styles. Where else can you be so involved in the gay/alternative scene of one of the best seaside towns of our humble country? Brighton has one of the most understanding scenes of any fashion, gender or sexual orientation. You’d feel comfortable wearing absolutely anything or being absolutely anyone (within reason of course) and I am certainly in favour of that kind of night scene… 

By Madi Davis