Southampton: From the Docks to the Decks

A Southampton night out doesn't disappoint. If you’re strapped for cash but want a good time, then you’ve come to right place. Southampton has a night for everyone. Whether you fancy a pint and a pub quiz, or you’d rather a crazy night out, this coastal haven doesn’t disappoint. Tuesdays are definitely the recommended night - with £1 drinks offers, it’s hard to say no!

It’s nothing to joke about; Soton takes partying as seriously as Ozzy Osbourne. Most of the clubs are in close proximity to each other, so you won’t have to fork over half of your budget to a taxi driver or freeze yourself silly by walking, or running, or even staggering to the next venue.

SoBar is a favourite amongst students. Open seven days a week, and with some crazy offers, this club was built for party-lovers on a budget. On Mondays and Wednesdays, entry is free, while their ‘So Crazy’ night on Tuesdays offer Double Vodkas for the stomach-pumping price of £1. Thursday is their themed night. From silent disco to foam parties, they’ve thought of everything. Fridays are equally coma inducing. With 80p drinks, there’s no better way to get into that Friday feeling. And if you thought that was enough, they also do a banging night on a Saturday. The resident DJ will play anything you desire. We’re completely sold, who doesn’t love a bit of S Club 7? Although it’s a student bar, all non-students are allowed to come. They don’t leave anyone out!

There’s also Oceana, the classic Southampton club. It’s in a bit of a random location – kind of a loner from the rest of the clubs and bars. Drinks are ridiculously low-priced, some shots are even 90p! Oceana really does live up to its name. But be warned, you get what you pay for. If you prefer a more sophisticated night out, look elsewhere.

New club Tripp, which was previously the infamous Junk, is looking fresher than ever. Winner of the coveted ‘Best Small Club in the UK’, we have no doubt about Tripp’s reputation for playing the best underground tunes around. So get your best trainers on and head down for a night full of your finest dance moves. It also hosts a whole load of famous DJs such as Calvin Harris, Professor Green and Zane Lowe. This is definitely the crème de la crème of clubs if you’re looking for a non-fuss night.  

Orange Rooms is our recommended choice for your weekend. With huge fish tanks and an aquarium-esque theme, the words ‘funky’ and ‘retro’ take on a whole different meaning here. On Mondays, the club hosts it’s weekly open mic night, perfect for watching some ‘talent’ belt out their favourite Oasis song. Additionally, Rogue Tuesdays offer £1 drinks to all who dare take the plunge. On Wednesdays, Orange Rooms break all sorts of copyright laws by hosting an ‘Orange Wednesdays’ night. With large projector screens and some classic movies on display, it really is a unique club experience.

If planning is your thing, grab a ‘Nightclub Pass’, which entitles you to queue-jump in Varsity, Popworld and Revolution. This is a great way to avoid hour-long queues in the freezing cold. If you want to go all out, you can even get a VIP Guestlist Pass, giving you free entry to all the best late night bars and clubs. Striding straight to the front of a queue is always a wonderful feeling.

Southampton has it all. With a wide range of different clubs and some fantastic drink deals, it’s almost impossible to have a boring night out here. So what are you waiting for!

By Hollie Climie