Keeping up with the Cardiffians

Watching The Valleys, it’s easy to see why Cardiff’s nightlife has become so misunderstood. But here at Licklist, we know exactly what the Welsh capital has to offer. It isn’t just full of protein-addicted guys wearing tight t-shirts or girls who seem to have no idea what ‘St Tropez kissed’ skin actually is. Nope, we know that this city holds the key to a truly unforgettable night. As diverse as they come, Cardiff really does deserve to be seen as a capital of culture!

Looking beyond the stereotypes, the city is home to some of the trendiest and elegant bars and clubs in the U.K. Whether your looking for a nice place to sip a cocktail while watching some live music, or just wanna blow some of your hard-earned cash at a super-chic club, the city has it all to offer.

Where to start…

Cardiff has always struck the right balance between traditional and modern. This is most obviously seen at Clwd Ifor Bach. Named after the Welsh Lord of the Cantref of Senghnnydd, you’ll struggle to find a club that emphasizes Welsh tradition more than this place. Originally a private members club, only open to those who spoke Welsh or had seriously committed to learning the language, Clwb has become a favourite for touring bands and musicians. With the likes of Black Lips, Bullet for My Valentine and Lost Prophets all on the bill, this venue oozes rhythm into the night air. When the club isn’t playing host to great bands, it’s usually putting on some of the best nights around. Xerox on a Friday is favourite night for loads of peoples. While classic tunes can be heard downstairs, the resident DJs demonstrate a blatant disregard of genres upstairs, mixing some of the best tunes around and creating some unlikely collaborations. Who knew Whitney Houston and The Clash sound so good together!

If that’s not really your scene, these still plenty on offer. Why not try Buffalo bar? Open until the wee hours of morning and usually offering 2-4-1 cocktails, Buffalo is the place for those who love throwing caution to the wind. The bar area is great for trying some interesting drinks and hearing some of your favourite House, Garage and Drum n Bass tunes, while the Live Music Space upstairs has proven to be a great venue for touring artist. Equipped with a 6K sound system, Buffalo bar has become famous for throwing some of the craziest parties in Cardiff. If that still doesn’t excite you, check out their Beer Garden. Open until late, here at Licklist, we reckon it’s the perfect place to spend your evenings over the summer months.

When in Cardiff, do as the Cardiffians do…

Walking into an empty club is like asking for water at the bar… Demoralising and a sure sign that you need to go home. Acting as Cardiff’s busiest venues, Vodka Revolutions and Glam are guaranteed to be full of people wanting to have a great time. Revs is a favourite spot for students, particularly on Wednesdays. With competitive prices and DJs fully equipped with the complete collection of ‘Now Music’ albums, the club provides the perfect setting for partying on a budget. Similarly, Glam is known for being one of the most successful clubs in Wales. As well having a two bars and a huge dancefloor, Glam also houses a great V.I.P. area in the form of the Lounge. With five stylish booths surrounded by plasma screens, the venue is great for birthdays and special events. But be warned, you do need to book in advance. This clubs status has been blown up by The Valleys, so getting a table might be harder than it really should be.

If you really wanna spoil yourself…

Mill lane is the place to be for an uber-chic night. With clubs like Kapu, Peppermint and Soda, guests of these clubs include some of the richest and most famous in Cardiff. That said, Peppermint do have some really great deals for weeknights if you have a large enough group. Acting as a great restaurant during the day and an even better clubs at night, Peppermint is the perfect place to just chill out with some mates.

If you’ve been saving up and are desperate to spend some of that money burning a hole in your pocket, look no further. Kapu is here. Bringing together the totally compatible Welsh and Tiki lifestyle, Kapu is a truly unique experience. Filled with treasure chests, bamboo furniture and with a bar staff that love mixing alcohol with fire, we really won’t forget a night out here.

Cardiff does undoubtedly offer a mental night out. With a huge variety of options and some really well designed venues, you’re guaranteed to have an awesome time. Don’t be fooled by what you see on T.V, its not all shaved chests and fake eyelashes. There’s something here for everyone. 

By Gurjot Thind =cardiff