‘Howay the toon!’

Newcastle is a city awash with colour and vibrancy, and if you’re looking for a fun-filled night on the town look no further than this brilliant northern city. Endearingly referred to as ‘The Toon’ by locals, Newcastle is loaded with big clubs, small clubs, super clubs, alternative clubs, cheap places, expensive places… you get the picture! It really is a city that caters for everybody. As with a lot of cities, the clubbing scene is broadly split between local nights and student nights, although the lines are often blurred seeing locals and students mixing freely on every night of the week.

One thing that will be agreed on by local or student alike is that there is something that makes Newcastle stand out from any other city in Britain: the price. Renowned for its drinks deals that can make for many regrettable actions, one of the things you won’t regret is the amount of money you spend, with drinks prices as low as 80p in some clubs.

Overall Newcastle is a busy, lively city that attracts people from all walks of life, with one shared ambition… to let go and have a good time. It’s for this reason that Newcastle is one of the top night-out destinations in the country, and if you visit, you won’t regret it!


In these times of economic hardship, we’re all looking to save a bit of money wherever we can. That said, we’re all also looking to have fun and try and enjoy our lives. That’s why before you hit the fabled Newcastle clubs, it’s important to have a few drinks in one of Newcastle’s many trebles bars. A phenomenon exclusive to Newcastle, the treble is exactly what it sounds like – three shots of spirit made bearable by a mixer of your choice. The choice of students and locals alike, in most bars a three treble deal will set you back between £5-£7, an extraordinarily cheap price. It is important to note that a treble will be unlike anything you’ve drunk before, surprisingly easy to ingest but hard-hitting at the same time. Take it easy and be wary of what you have and you’ll enjoy yourself without going over the edge. Sam Jacks, Mimo’s, Gotham and Basement are all centrally located and are your best bet for trebling the enjoyment of your night.

Extreme low costs are not exclusive to the trebles, with all drinks, including beer, wine and cocktails available at great prices throughout the city. In addition to this, entry into a club will cost you no more than £6 on a standard night, with prices as low as 80p for certain nights.

Student clubbing

Midweek in Geordie land sees Newcastle taken over by swathes of excitable students keen to party the night away, and let me tell you, it can get pretty crazy. First up for the average student is the so-called ‘Diamond Strip’, a group of nightclubs linked by a cool back alley smoking area. These clubs are the go-to for early week (Monday-Wednesday) students, and are busy every single time. These clubs are arguably the most popular student clubs in Newcastle and are likely referred to as ‘the places to be’. The names of the clubs on the strip (Perdu, Floritas, House of Smith and Madame Koo) are ingrained into every students mind as they are the ones endorsed by the infamous promoters, so if these are not your type of people, it’s best to avoid the Diamond Strip. However, if you’re looking for a fun night where you’re likely to bump into loads of people you know from Uni, these are the places to go.

Clubbing with the locals

As the weekend arrives the locals come out to play, and you’ve seen nothing until you’ve witnessed thousands of Geordies out celebrating the end of the working week. The prime location is Digital, the best and most famous club in Newcastle. Recently ranked as the 11th best club in the world by DJ Mag, it would be impossible not to enjoy yourself here. Digital plays a wide range of music, including Chart, House, Hip-Hop and Indie, and so attracts a broad spectrum of people, too. If you are looking for a fun night out with friends then look no further than this super-club, which has also been described as the best club in the UK. This is hardly surprising when you remember that Newcastle is considered to be the best place for clubbing in the UK as well. Other options include Riverside, another large, popular club situated on the picturesque Quayside, but still only a short walk from the centre of town.


If so far you’ve seen nothing that tickles your fancy then fear not, Newcastle has what you need. Top of the bill for alternative action is World Headquarters, bringing you the best music from all across the globe. WHQ prides itself on representing the views of all those who attend, and so the music is an eclectic range of funk, soul, disco, hip-hop,  jungle, drum and bass, reggae, house and garage. Whatever your tastes you’ll find something enjoyable at this pleasant club, and the chances of trouble are minimal, with aggressively boozy types not welcome.

If this feels too far-fetched why not head down to Cosmic Ballroom, Newcastle’s standard for big name house artists. Located in China town, not far from the city centre, it has previously attracted artists of the calibre of Waze & Odyssey and Bondax, as well as their regular Ill Behaviour Tuesday club night, and is a must-go for all house lovers.

If it’s not house but indie music that floats your boat, check out Jukebox on Friday’s at Other Rooms. Playing popular rock & roll, indie and Britpop bangers from the sixties to the present day, you won’t be disappointed with their musical choices and as such will have a classic night out.


Now you’ve heard everything there is to hear about the nightlife in Newcastle, the only thing to do now is to go there and enjoy it. Dress up nice, watch how many trebles you have and let Newcastle do the rest. Happy partying!