Roll up, Roll up… Cirque Le Soir has arrived!

For loads of people, going to the circus was a major part of their childhood. With exotic animals, crazy stunt acts and some truly extraordinary people, the circus epitomised everything wild and exuberant about a young kid’s imagination. The colours, the noises and the awesome display of randomness; it wa

s all on offer every few weeks down on the local green. But here at Licklist, we’ve been thinking, why should kids have all the fun? Why can’t adults enjoy candyfloss and face paint,

just as they had done when they were younger? Well, it seems our prayers have been answer. Cirque Le Soir is here and it combines all the best things about being a kid with all the guilty pleasures of being an adult. Tucked away behind an innocent black door in West London, the Night Circus comes to life, giving its audience an experience they’ll never forget.

Where’d it all start?

The first Cirque Le Soir opened in 2009 in London. Since then, it’s glamour, style and chic club nights have attracted the attention of some of the richest and most famous people around. Having won some of the most prestigious awards around, including the coveted Nightclub of the Year award, Cirque stretched its sequin-covered arms and expanded abroad, opening up similar operations in Shanghai and Dubai. So why not come down for a drink or two. Who knows, you might bump into Jude Law or Dicaprio!

From Harry Houdini to the Flying Wallendas…

Cirque promises an assault on the senses for everyone who enters through its door. Whether you like it or not, this club definitely offers something special. Yeah it’s true, you could go to a normal club and have an exceptionally normal night. Or you go to Cirque Le Soir and be amazed by their snakecharmers, stilt walkers and magicians.

Their well-trained and world-famous performers all show off their talents simultaneously on one of the four stages. At the same time, their magicians, dwarves and contortionists make their way through the crowds of people, all of whom have an expression of confusion, bemusement and thrill on their faces. If you don’t really fancy this, there’s still loads on offer.

The Funfair area is a favourite of ours here at Licklist. It provides the perfect place to relax, chill out and maybe play a game of beer pong with a bearded lady. With arcade games, peepshows, a makeup artist and even a candyfloss stand, there really is no place in the world like this. And if you’re really brave, why not check out Zoltar, the resident fortune-teller. After all, what’s better than sitting next to a fire breathing dwarf and hearing about your future?

Better still, if you need a place for an event or a party, look no further. Cirque promises to offer a bespoke night of decadence and opulence. Whether you want to hire the place for a night, or just fancy hiring the services of their incredible performers and mixologists, their Event Team has it covered. Trust us, they really know how to put on a mesmerizing show

What’s on?

Each week, rain or shine, Cirque comes alive and offers some of the craziest club nights in West London. One of their biggest nights is La Mondays. At the start of every week, the club throws caution to wind and puts on an incredible fancy dress night. Themes change each week but we can guarantee that no two nights are at all similar here. Alongside their fancy dress nights are their Hype Hop Wednesdays. No prizes for guessing what sort of music is played here. With some the world’s best DJs playing both new and old skool tracks, there really is no better place to spend your Wednesday.

If none of that floats your boat, check out The Hangover Club on Thursdays or B.O.R.D.E.L. Fridays. With the likes of Nina Kraviz on the decks, Cirque devotes Fridays to their deep-house lovers and partygoers of all kinds. It really is an unforgettable experience.

The Verdict

The word ‘unique’ is overused these days, often to describe weight loss programmes and questionable hotels. But it’s the only word that truly sums up a night at Cirque Le Soir. Their love of everything over-the-top and Joie de vivre attitude combines to create one of the most wonderfully weird clubs around. With a guest list often full of international stars and some of the most talented performers around, it’s no wonder they’ve won so many awards. If it’s good enough for the likes of Usher and Russell Crowe, it’s definitely good enough for us at Licklist!


By Gurjot Thind