We’re overwhelmingly excited about this year’s Steel Yard Festival. It’s not — in case you were wondering — being held in a spare parts facility, but in London’s very own Victoria Park! That’s right, we’ll be enjoying the biggest acts of the moment from the centre of it all. We can’t wait!

Where am I Going?

As we mentioned, the festival is being held in the luscious and leafy Victoria Park. Home to all kinds of festivals — from Citadel to Field Day to Lovebox — it’s got serious celebratory credentials. Revellers are surrounded by all the perks of the city (we think, from memory, there’s a KFC not far away). Plus, if you’re London-based, it makes for a gloriously uncomplicated trip back home.

Who’s Playing?

We’re sure you’re wondering who’s playing this year’s festival. After all, no one wants to spend their May Bank Holiday weekend listening to ... we don’t know, a trio of volunteer accordion players. (On second thought, that definitely sounds worth a trip.) Axwell & Ingrosso are headlining, alongside Don Diablo, Martin Solveig, and Third Party. Faithless is popping up as a special guest, and we’re sure we’ll have Insomnia after their electrifying performance!

The Superstructure

It sounds like the title of a sci-fi film, but Steel Yard’s Superstructure is the largest of its kind in Europe. Designed solely for Creamfields, this arena is intended to provide electronic music fans with a top-quality auditory experience. (It looks a bit post-apocalyptic, too — we love a bit of exposed steel.) It must be a bit like the difference between Beats headphones and the ones you get free on short-haul flights. Either way, we’re intrigued to try it out!

That’s it from us! We’re ravenously enthusiastic about checking out Axwell & Ingrosso and the Superstructure (and possibly the KFC). We’ll see you there! (We definitely won’t be the ones climbing the steel pipes like baby monkeys.)

Sian Kitchener