The Invisible Wind Factory – Prepare to be Blown Away

· Invisible Wind Factory

The Party Continues

If you’re an avid reader of Licklist (which I’m sure you are; if not, why not?) then you’re probably expecting a nice article about some cool festival with a great line-up with a handful of terrible jokes spattered around. However, for one article only (maybe more, I dunno, I just do what I’m told) we are deviating from the tried and tested. With the festival season coming to a close (sob), let us introduce you to the Invisible Wind Factory, ENRG, and all the exciting events they’ve got lined up for the next couple months. Just because festival season is over, doesn’t the partying has to; trust us.

The Perfect Venue

Now, I’m gonna be honest, I was VERY tempted to make some kind of fart joke regarding the name. I mean, ‘Invisible Wind’? Really? It’s literally asking for some immature and poorly-read ‘journalist’ to make a crappy joke. But that person will not be me. And, to be honest, the reason for that is that despite the name, this venue looks absolutely top notch. The venue is a new arts space and performance venue in Liverpool, from the peeps behind the Kazimier, one of Liverpool’s most renowned venues, which unfortunately closed down earlier this year. It fits the bill perfectly: abandoned warehouse turned rave spot, it’s got performance areas, artist studios and even a garden. That’s not all: it’s got blackout fabric and moveable seating areas to make the perfect space, custom lighting rigs and a bangin’ PA system. Not bad at all, then.

Energy, Anyone?

Obviously, a venue is nothing without any gigs, and the cunning curators at ENRG have managed to snaffle themselves a gem in the Invisible Wind Factory. But what about the nights? Well ENRG describe their vibe as ‘a sequence of electronic experiences’ and, to be honest, that sounds pretty enticing, particularly when you take a look at the line-up. Another cool thing, they’ve got going is the names of each event – more on that as we go. Anyway, I digress.

The first of these electronic experiences is on the 30th September (next week! So get ya ticks quick) – and if they’re starting as they mean to go on, well let’s just say I think we’re gonna be regulars. This first night is called ‘Enrg 01. Potential Energy’ – and there certainly seems to be potential here. They’ve got none other than Floating Points for their inaugural night at the IWF, and we can’t bloody wait. A favourite amongst electronic music hipsters (you know who you are), Floating Points has got a reputation for good reason. After several successful EPs and live appearances, Floating Points (real name, Sam Shepherd) released the debut album ‘Elaenia’ in 2015, to critical acclaim. This is the big leagues, ladies and gentlemen. Fact of the day? Sam Shepherd is not only an electronic music artist; he’s also a neuroscientist. And then there’s me, at my computer in my underwear, writing articles with sh*t jokes and no literary flair, about someone infinitely better than I am. I suppose some people are just born more talented than others, right?

Start As They Mean To Go On

So, that’s their first night, and it looks bloody amazing. But that’s not all, not by a long shot. ENRG have got 3 more nights on the cards, with equally fantastic guest appearances. For Enrg 02. Kinetic Energy, they’ve brought in The Black Madonna for a pre-Halloween banger on the 21st October. Then, moving into November, they’ve got the perfect Guy Fawkes celebrations, with Enrg 03. Sound Energy, featuring none other than Bicep. If anything’s gonna get your fire burning in the spirit of the night, then it’s probably gonna be the Belfast duo. And then, last of all, on the 3rd December, we have Enrg 04. Magnetic Energy, featuring Dusky. It’s all big names, it’s all gonna be mad, and it’s a fantastic venue to boot. Hats off to you guys at ENRG, it seems like you really know how to throw a party.

All You’ve Got To Do

So, that’s that then. RIP festival season, but we’ve got the perfect replacement. ENRG have done all the hard work curating these nights, so all you lovely lot have gotta do is buy your tickets! Cop them here, at the IWF Resident Advisor page and be sure to check out the ENRG Facebook page for more updates on what’s sure to be a regular in the winter line-up.


Nick Cooke