Holi Festival London

· Holi Festival Of Colours London

Whilst some people pick and choose their festival’s based on where their favourite bands are playing, most of us are just looking for a good time – somewhere where we can forget all our responsibilities and party night and day. And nothing says ‘good time’ more than 25,000 people, top DJ’s and a whole load of paint canons. Enter Holi Festival, which will be taking over London’s Wembley Park on August 13th and gives you the chance to experience what it is like to celebrate the real “festival of colours”.

The Holi Spirit

Holi Festival is a very famous and spiritual celebration in India which takes place on the day of the full moon of the Phaluga month. On this day, people from all walks of life are considered to be equal and gives them a chance to express freedom and colour into everyday life. After experiencing the real thing, the folk organising the fest decided to bring the holi spirit back to Europe, and it is now celebrated in 40 different cities throughout 20 countries. Following its success, the festival is coming back to London for the 4th year running and is set to be bigger and better than ever. If the promo video featured on the website is anything to go by, it’s going to be one crazy day. Check it out here!

London’s Calling

If you’ve ever been on a guys/girls holiday, the best way to describe Holi Fest is that it looks just like a Magaluf paint party on a much bigger scale. If you haven’t, what this means is you’ll be dancing along to the beat whilst being covered in colourful paint. Now this isn’t as scary as it sounds, it’s actually really fun. The line-up for this year’s event includes top DJ’s Benga, Dubvision, Honka, Izzy Trixx, Dubrocca and R3wire & Varski, who will all be playing on the fest’ main stage. So, whilst they blast out the summer tunes, every hour there will be a countdown for you in the audience to let off another one of your colour canons and get really messy. As well as this, you’ll see wacky people in wacky costumes, fairies on trapezes, plenty of confetti and an epic firework display at the end of the night. There will also be a variety of food and drink on offer to keep you going. With all of this going on, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a good time. But another really great thing about this fest is that you don’t really have to give a damn what you look like. They encourage you to go dressed in light colours so the paint will show up bright and with paint constantly flying everywhere, throughout the day you will transform into a human rainbow… and who doesn’t want to be one of them? (Don’t worry, the folks at the fest have assured us that the colours come out of clothes, hair and skin very easily).


Tickets for this year’s Holi Festival are going quickly and there is now less than 1000 left, so get in there quickly! A ticket for the day costs you only £29.99, which is a bargain for a one day festival. But your ticket options don’t stop there, as the fest have a few other package deals for you. For £37.99, you get entry to the festival plus 5 ColourPacks, which come at a 20% discount. When bought separately, a pack of 5 colour bags are £8, so it is something that you could consider. For £42.99 you get a festival t-shirt thrown in as well, or if you and 4 other mates are planning to go together then you can get 5 tickets for the price of 4.

Wembley Park has 3 train stations located nearby and you can get to central London in 12 minutes. It also has excellent road connections to the M1, M40 and the M25, so it is a really accessible festival for most people. For anyone who doesn’t wish to make their way home covered in paint after the fest has ended, there is a Hilton hotel less than 5 minutes away.

So if you’re not a huge music lover and are looking for a good time, or you just want a festival experience like no other, it seems like tuning into your ‘Holi’ spirit is the way forward for you this summer. Check out some more information here estivalOfColoursLondon/ or go ahead and grab your ticket now! /en/your-city/london


Emily Thursfield