Beginners Guide to My Slice Fest

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Right, so it’s probably pretty clear that if there’s one thing that we like at Licklist, it’s music. Any artist, any genre, any festival, chances are that we’re all over it. And it’s also common knowledge that everyone loves pizza. Some more than others, but that base level of pizza love is always there (Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like pizza? Didn’t think so) With both these things in mind, it is with the most incredible excitement that I introduce to you, My Slice Fest. Let me spell this out. It’s a music and pizza festival. How no one has had this idea before baffles me, but I am frickin’ glad that the folks at My Slice finally did. They’ve revolutionised the festival game. And I’m here to take you through this haven of banging tunes and crispy crusts. Time to get a pizza the action! (Christ, that was bad. No more shitty pizza jokes. I promise)

Pizza Paradise

So, in these kinda articles this is the part where we usually go through the music line-up. But not today. With pizza on the cards, it’s time to have a little gander through the tasty treats on offer. First up, Scream for Pizza. Expect a couple of curious pizza curveballs from these fellas – I’ve heard rumours of pizzas topped with bacon and maple syrup, or maybe chorizo, lime-soaked onions and hot honey. One thing’s for sure, the peeps at Scream for Pizza know no limits, and they’re ready to take you along with them to the boundaries of the pizza world. Next up, a more traditional pizza experience from the guys at Baked & Battered. Simple yet effective. Authentic Neapolitan Italian pizza using homemade dough specially prepared daily. No one does the classics like these guys, believe me. Also I’m pretty sure the pizzas won’t be the only things at the festival which are baked and battered, amirite?! (Disclaimer: Licklist in no way condone getting high and/or excessively drunk. But, y’know, it’s a festival so who cares, right?) Getting drunk and fat not for you? Well, Lab Pizza is the perfect destination. These healthy pizza gurus specialise in the production of gluten-free pizzas, pizza bases and dough balls that are remarkably lower in fat, carbs, sugar and salt. Their pizza bases are packed with 12 seeds and grains (yes, 12!!!) and tons of other healthy sh*t. Who said that festivals and pizza were bad for you?

And finally, my personal fave, NY Fold who are bringing the taste of authentic of New York pizzas to My Slice. Working with master pizzaiolo Bruno DiFabio with 6 world pizza titles under his belt, NY Fold offer the real deal. (What’s a pizza title? I want one) There’s tonnes more stuff on offer, but I sadly don’t have the space to go through it all, so get yourself onto the My Slice website and have a little pizza perusal.

Marvellous Music

Time for the second course, the music line-up. Again, there’s too much good stuff for me to go through it all here, but I’ll pick out the highlights and you can get a full list of what’s on from the website. First up, DJ Luck & MC Neat. I can see it now – pizza in one hand, beer in the other, screaming along to ‘A Little Bit Of Luck’. Doesn’t get much better than that, I can assure you. Next up, Delilah. Some of you may have heard of her through her feature on the Chase & Status banger, Time, and there’s a lot more of where that came from. Her debut album peaked at number five in the UK album charts, and is currently working on her second album. Who knows, you might just get a sneak peek at some new material! For those of you more inclined to a more grime-y, hiphop-y vibe, then DJ Cable’s got ya covered. As one of the unsung gems of Mistajam’s 60 Minutes on BBC1Xtra, this guy’s no stranger to picking the hottest jams for an eager public. And apparently he’s a 3 Time UK Champion DJ. Last but certainly not least, we have DJ Rugrat. Obviously, full marks for the name. But, rest assured, DJ Rugrat is far from some gimmick DJ. Renowned for his quirky cut ups and cross genre combinations, DJ Rugrat has played alongside world superstars, at a huge variety of events, and we’re bloody excited that he’s coming to My Slice!

Cheap As Chips (But It’s A Pizza Festival)

Finally, some more practical stuff. My Slice is gonna be held at Wembley Park on Saturday 30th July, so it’s super easy to get to, and it’s also super close to happening. And with tickets starting at as low as 15 quid for students, there is literally no reason why you shouldn’t be going! And if you fancy a bit of luxury, then you can get the VIP package for less than 50 quid, which includes private bar and entrance to the artist hangout area. If you’ve ever wanted to chill with DJ Luck and MC Neat over a slice of pepperoni, then now’s your chance! Grab yourselves tickets here: and we hope to see you all there on the 30th!


Nick Cooke