The Beginners Guide to Leeds Festival

· Leeds Festival

The Beginners Guide to Leeds Fest

Where: Bramham Park, Weatherby

When: 26th - 28th August, 2016

Highlights: Biffy Clyro, The Foals, Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Cost: £213 Weekend ticket,  £66.50 for individual days

Leeds and Reading Fest - the Bash Brothers of the major festival circuit. These dogs have been tearing up the circuit since birth and their everlasting rivalry/brotherhood has carved its mark into the UK festival landscape, securing their status as the two largest major music festivals of the North. Historically, Leeds fest has always been regarded as the smaller and slighter of the two, with Reading edging ahead due to its seniority, its history and its higher capacities, however Leeds fest has been going from strength to strength from its humble beginning as an offshoot of Reading and now stands shoulder to shoulder with its mentor. This year Leeds features a ridiculous line up, capacities catering to over 80,000 revellers and more booze, stalls, attractions, tents, toys, beats, rides and tunes than ever. The beast has awoken from its slumber, friends, and Licklist are here to help you guys ride the lightning.

Big Fest, Big Names

We always start with the line up with these and its never more important than with a major mainstream festival. Leeds’ legendary status and titan proportions means premium ticket prices so you guys need to know who you’re seeing if you are going to fork out the cash dollar. Well hold onto your wallets, chaps/chapettes, because Leeds’ eight stages are going to play host to some absolute monsters. Most of these guys need no introduction; Biffy Clyro, Fallout Boy, The Vaccines, A$AP Rocky… that’s just Friday. On one stage. Saturday? Disclosure, Chvrches, Frank Turner - again, thats just one stage. And Sunday? We’re getting Imagine Dragons, the Courteeners... keep an eye out for Two Door Cinema Club headlining the BBC1 stage. Outside of the larger names are dozen of the UK’s freshest and most popular selects coming to cut their teeth on Leeds’ notorious crowds. But honestly? You may need to keep yourself planted squarely in front of Mainstage for the final act on Sunday. The Chillis are coming to close out whats likely to be one of the most ridiculous weekends of the summer. ‘Mon and see the Peppers, boys.

Grab your Tents, Gents

Ultimately, you can elect to hook yourself a single day ticket and book out some accom at an Air BnB on the sly if you are looking for a one off budget experience. We’d imagine there’ll be lots available as you folks will be in the vast minority. If you are considering coming to a major fest like this, camping is one of the quintessential parts of the experience. The deck chairs, the tunes, the coolers, pre-gaming in a sleeping bag, the fights, the fires …*achem*. The point is, the camping experience at a fest is one of the biggest draws for big boys festivals and Leeds is one of the biggest boys on the block. Those that are gonna get their glamping on should check out their VIP camping options here . You can even pay the nice folks at Leeds fest to have your tent all up and ready to go when you arrive so you don’t have to worry about being compus mentus enough after pre-gaming on the coach journey.

What else, boss?

You’re in safe hands with these promoters, they literally defined the music festival experience. Some amazing, historic performances have happened as a result of their effort - Cobain played his infamous ‘wheelchair’ gig under these guys’ watch. So round up the squad, get your spot on the shuttlebuses that run from Leeds railway and prepare for mayhem. This is one of the biggest events of the year - if you’re a fan, do not miss. Buy your tickets now and we’ll be seeing you in the crowds, folks! 


Kyle Cairns