Last Chance: Love Saves the Day Festival

· Love Saves The Day

Bristol has been harbouring a little secret for the past 4 years, keeping its glorious little festival gem Love Saves the Day out of the prying eyes of the mainstream festival circuit. Since its first debut in 2012, the initial one day fest has gone from strength to strength, effectively taking over Bristol’s bustling city centre for the entirety of a full weekend during the half term period. We offered a brief of this little beauty back in January, however with the weekend of May 28th and 29th fast approaching and with LSTD having released its mouth watering weekend line up, we thought it best to remind you guys to dig deep in those pockets and snap up these tickets. Except, maybe you don’t have to dig that deep at all. As in not at all. As in it might be free.

That’s right; before we fire into the line up, we need to talk about LSTD’s ingenious ‘Ticket Ambassador’ system. Trust us when we say nobody understands more than us how heavy a toll the festival season can take on your wallet and you’ve only so many kidneys you can sell to get you into the Readings, T’s and Glastonburys of this world. Loves Saves The Day has recognised this and offered a solution; if you can successfully sell 6 tickets to some keen - hopefully impressionable - pals then you get a free day ticket of your choice. The silver tongued rouges out there who can sell 12 get tickets to both days. This is both a wonderfully customer conscious option for LSTD to pitch whilst also acting as a truly devilish business model where the fans can basically do half the work of their marketing division. Think about it; how many times have you been convinced to go to a festival simply by the merit of who else you know is going. The guys at Love Saves the Day have recognised this and simply provided more of an incentive to give this little fest in Bristol a try.

Here’s the thing though; when you see the line-up you start to realise that this cheeky wee beast ain’t so little after all. Last year, we were looking at mainstage cards including the household names Azalea Banks and the irrepressible Groove Armada. Now after coyly hiding its line-up charms, LSTD has given up its wallflower act and promises to be the absolute stormer we always knew it would be. Kicking things off on the Saturday we’re getting Mercury Prize winning cosmonauts Hot Chip themselves to headline this sordid affair, with Skream, the Martinez Brothers and Ben Klock fleshing out a delightfully electronic line up. Sunday we shift focus a bit to the hippin and the hoppin; London’s golden boy Dizzee Rascal himself takes LSTD home on the mainstage on Sunday. Also keep an eyeout for new kid on the block Stormzy and Congo Natty. As a personal favour, make time to go see the Hot 8 Brass Band. Those guys are absolutely class.

So get your eye in pals - remaining tickets are priced at £43.45 since we’re fast approaching the big weekend. There’s a number of ticket options and you need to sort yourself out with the afterparty ticket separately -  check it out here , you don’t want to a miss a festival after party in the city centre of Bristol - and mind theres no camping at this bad boy so get some cheapie accom sorted for the weekend. Do us a favour though; when you are buying your tickets let them know old Kyle sent you. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes.


Kyle Cairns