The Beginner’s Guide to Common People 2016

· Common People Southampton

As well as being an absolute anthem by Pulp ( my heart will always belong to the Shatner version), Common People happens to be the fresh new budget festival experience to come out of the brain muscles of the lovely lads who brought Bestival into the world. Last year, Common people exploded onto the festival scene in a burst of colour, independent food stalls, Day of the Dead tikki bars and the kind of bogie driving, foot stomping, pogo jumping line up that was crafted from folks who wrote the book on having a good time. All on the fortuitously warm sunny beaches of Southampton. This was a lovely wee addition to a scene that can see the more bloated and corporate fests dominating the landscape and CP more than made its mark in its debut year of 2015. This time, wee CP has enjoyed such success that its playing in two separate cities to offer a chance to folks a little further north get in on this rising star while its still new and cool. Both fests will be played simultaneously on May bank holiday weekend, in its hometown of sunny Southampton and cutting shapes in Oxford’s infamous South Park.  We at Licklist are gonna clue you in on what’s on offer as these guys will give you a top quality premium fest at a dead reasonable price so we suggest you get your eye in this year while tickets are still a steal.

Line-up is always a good place to start and this time is no exception. Last year CP summoned forth the ethereal fantasy legend of Grace Jones to close out a weekend that saw the Cuban Brothers, DJ Yoda and De La Seoul filling out a serious debut of mainstage excellence. With this year, since CP have got fests going on both days of the weekend simultaneously across two cities, that necessitates two different line ups. What’s great about this is there is just enough variety across the cards for each version of the fest to feel like its own thing, but most of the really big names that’ll draw the crowds are playing in both locations on alternative days. So no fears that you’ll be missing freestyle rap royalty Lady Leshurr on one day of your city of choice . Be stress free about not seeing synthpop mega beasts Duran Duran. Nae concerns about not getting in on The Cuban Brothers action after their huge performance back at the last CP. Because if they aren’t there on one day, they’ll be there at the other. Do yourselves a favour and get a look at the line up for your preferred option and hey, if not all your faves are playing on one day then just get a weekend ticket. There’s yer links, my friend - done deal. Southampton http://southampton.commonpeopl Oxford /line-up

As well as the truly delightful lineups, CP has cultivated a bit of an arthouse Carnivale vibe in its previous year and it’s bringing that vibe to 2016 at mach ten. Keep an eye out for the Sugar Skulls cocktail bars, the Cowley Road Carnivale and the Bigtop Circus. Plus Wall of Death; we don’t know what this is either but damn if we don’t want to! CP prides itself on giving slightly off kilter, less exposed talent a chance to have its day in the sun so keep an open mind for kooky street food, cocktail alchemy and some seriously top end fancy dress. Bring your weirdest gear if you are in the mood, pals; we guarantee there’ll be someone looking weirder than you at this thing and they probably won’t even be on stage.

Neither Southie nor Oxford are sold out yet but the big weekend soon appraocheth so get your tickets bought and your accommodation sorted for your city of choice! The ticket options also run with suggested accommodation and travel deals which you can find here for Oxford and here for Southampton , however if these are a bit out of reach then we recommend trying out Air BnB for a bargain. You shouldn’t be short of options since both fests are in city centres. With that, there’s nothing else to say other than round up your squad, buy yourself some body paint and we’ll see you in the crowds!


Kyle Cairns