Get Down and Dirty at Mudfest!

· Mudfest

Despite the somewhat unenticing name, Mudfest (who the hell came up with that?) is set to be one of the stars of the festival season this year, offering something different from the usual big name headliners and commercialised set up. Now, don’t get me wrong, we all love big name headliners, but Mudfest, taking place on the 10th-13th June, offers more of an intimate atmosphere, and is all about showcasing unsigned and self-signed musical talent. This is something all of us at Licklist are massively excited about because, I mean, who doesn’t love finding MORE amazing new artists and music? The possibilities are endless and Mudfest have separated the men from the boys, the wheat from the chaff and the sheep from the goats (not really sure where I’m going with this…), in order to find us the best of the emerging musical talent that our wonderful British isles and beyond have to offer. Mudfest has three live stages, a Big Top, tonnes of bars and food stalls, and loads of other entertainment, so this is certainly not one to be missed.

First, let’s talk music. The place to find our emerging musical gems is the Playing Aloud Stage, for new, local, and unsigned acts, and the crafty curators at Mudfest have conveniently placed this stage right next to the ‘Pilots Mess Bar’ and the hammock area. In twenty years’ time, when one of these unsigned acts have made their way to global stardom, from the humble beginnings of the Playing Aloud stage, you have the chance to say that you were there when it all started, chilling out in a hammock with a burger and a beer. The perfect comeback to any music hipster who says your taste in music is rubbish. Which I’m sure it isn’t. Anyway, we digress. Mudfest also has a stage for all the ‘big acts’, called The Hangar, and they’ve currently got lined up Scouting for Girls, Lonely The Brave, and Kill The Ideal, among others. Not bad at all, we must say. Oh and this stage is also going to be surrounded by fairground rides, food stalls, and beer tents. Nice.  And, finally, their third stage has more chilled vibes, offering a more personal experience. So, if you want to take a little break from the festivities, then this is the place for you.

And if the music isn’t enough to get the festival juices flowing, then Mudfest have lined up more top-draw entertainment than you can shake a stick at. With Aircraft Flybys, mudruns (ah, this might be where the name comes from), a circus troupe known as the ‘Earth Bound Misfits’, glamping and Super Spa DJ (essentially doing a festival in a hot tub. Why didn’t anyone think of this before?!), there’s plenty of options to keep you entertained and keep you vibing in style. One of my personal favourites is the ‘Busk Stop’; continuing with the promotion-of-new-talent theme, Mudfest have set up a dedicated area in an intimate woodland setting where anyone, yes anyone, can grab a guitar and start jamming. They’ve even provided a piano and drum kit for your playing pleasure. All you have to do is pop along and write you name against a time on the chalk board and then you’ve got your very own busking slot. Who knows, Mudfest might just be the big break you were looking for!

Just before we go, some more practical stuff (we Licklisters all appreciate you need good planning to make the most of your festival experience!). So, Mudfest is taking place on the 10th -13th June, at the Newark Showground, in Nottinghamshire. It’s within easy reach of Nottingham, London, Cambridge, York and Lincoln, and there are plenty of options of how to get yourself down there, either by road or rail, just check their site for details. Camping options are equally abundant, and the campsite has loos, showers, and even a communal campfire with seating and hammocks. What more could you ask for?! These Mudfesters spoil us rotten, they really do. There’s also plenty of car parking space as well, so you’re covered whatever your preferred mode of transport. There’s a variety of ticket options, with the whole shebang, festival and camping for three days, costing only 65 quid! I love a good deal, believe me, but that’s incredible value. There are also loads of other options to choose from, so snap up your ticket here.

That’s all we’ve got time for, so get yourselves a ticket and we’ll see yall there!


Nicholas Cooke