Nightlife in Malta


Malta…one of Europe’s best tourist attractions and perfect destinations from day to night… Embrace your holiday by sizzling away in the sun and continue the Maltese experience into the darkness with the Island’s top fancy clubs, restaurants and bars, blasting you the best beats… booming until the early hours of the morning!

Clubs & Bars

Although it is very quiet, you can still take delight in the islands capital, Valletta.  You can venture up to the best Valletta pub and historic treasure area namely, the famous actor, Oliver Reed, as it was the last place he drank at before his death in 1999. It is simply called, ‘The Pub’, where Oliver Reed screened in the great films, ‘Castaway’ and ‘The Three Musketeers’. The royal navy best-loved pub specializes with all sorts of strong concoctions, otherwise you can take advantage of the free Wi-Fi and outside seating area, as you sit and capture the bliss of what Valletta has to offer. To make the most out of this historic memory…you can even buy a T shirt - featuring Oliver Reed’s last drinks orders!

Take pride in St. Julian’s, Malta… this special resort is situated in the central region of Malta and is one of the top places to visit for the ultimate nightlife affair!

Disco all night in St. Julian’s, Paceville, ‘Footloose Fun Bar’, which is ranked number one for the best bars in St. Julian’s, but more importantly it lives up to its name as, the number one ‘fun’ bar, where you can wildly let loose! This special gem on St. George’s Road is open from 8pm – 4am and serves all your favourite alcoholic beverages with competitive offers such as, ‘2 for 1’ pitchers/cocktails for those sweet taste lovers…where you can refresh yourself with a strawberry mojito, or a bottle of champagne for only 15 euros, spirits are from 2-4 euros… or sometimes when they’re feeling very adventurous they will sell free cocktails! Otherwise, if the mouth-watering cocktails aren’t enough, then you can dance all night long to the sound of the electronic vibes.

Another popular bar in St. Julian’s, introduces the stylish ‘Bedouin Bar’ for all you hipsters! This favourite attraction is perfect for brushing up upon the beautiful sea whilst you breathe in the fresh Maltese air. The bar is spotted at the ‘Westin Dragonara Resort’ and creates superb relaxing ambience, but also a quirky one as you can show off your dance moves to the sound of the island’s best DJ’s! However, those planning to start their summer early…then this popping place is only available from June to September, every Friday.

Take a bigger gamble and place your bets in the leading casino in Malta at, St. Julian’s ‘Dragonara Casino’ inside the glorious ‘Dragonara Palace’, surrounded by the glistening Mediterranean Sea. Be wishful and get extra lucky with this venue as it offers a range of games, including, 186 slot machines and 19 live tables featuring poker and black jack rallies. If that’s not all, there is an inside restaurant which boasts the Mediterranean Sea. Here you can tuck into the delicious French and Mediterranean nourishments whilst watching great entertainment…containin g a fabulous live band.


For those who would rather a quieter nightlife by feasting on the island’s scrumptious foods or sipping on some fine wine… then Malta has a huge variety of amazing restaurants you can dine at whilst watching the shimmering sunset across the incredible Mediterranean Sea…

Treat yourself to ‘Malta’s best overall restaurant’- ‘The Medina Restaurant’, set in the magical streets of Mdina. The diverse selection of dishes and calm atmosphere makes this the flawless location to take your better half. Spark the romance at this little getaway situated in a unique ancient stone courtyard and be spoiled with fantastic customer service and astounding three main courses, including, fish starters to vegetarian soups or for the carnivore lovers- a traditional meat platter will be available!

In the heart of the north of Malta, Mellieha, a small village and large town introduces the second best ranked restaurant, ‘Bouquet Garni’…if that isn’t enough then…it has also been awarded for ‘certificate of excellence’! You can tease your taste buds with their appetizing fresh fish and seafood menu – involving sea-fresh king prawns or grilled fish or opt for a delightful pasta meal and end this tasty occurrence with a delightful cheesecake or sour sorbet. This small little charm books up very quickly, so I would advise arranging a table in advance!

Remember to drink responsibly!  


Stephanie Smith