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Nightlife in Glasgow Guide

So you’re cutting about Glasgow, fuelled on a bakers dozen of tinnies, when you decide you’re ready to embrace the locally celebrated concept of ‘huvvin a wee dance’. Well, it’ll come as a surprise to nobody at all that Glasgow is one of the best places in Scotland to fire on your glad-rags and throw some shapes in the dark. We at Licklist Towers have thrown together a wee guide to ensure you get the most out of your visit and you don’t find yourself standing outside Bamboo wondering why you even bothered.

Sauchiehall has it all

Now , you’ve clambered out your taxi with some similarly enthusiastic pals and you realise you’ve no idea  where you are going to lead this merry band. Calm yourself, happens all the time. Fortunately for you, there’s Sauchiehall Street; Glasgow’s own Vegas Strip. If you are really unsure about what direction you want your night to take, Sauchiehall street is honestly the best place to start. Boasting a wealth of nightclubs, including prolific options like the 02 ABC and The Garage, alongside a dizzying mix of bars, taverns, watering holes and - most importantly - chippies, Sauchiehall street is where you’ll find most revellers milling in their hordes from venue to venue as they exhaust their welcome in one and move onto the next. In particular, be sure to check in at Nice’N’Sleazy& rsqu o;s to grab yourself a couple of budget White Russians and take in one of their notorious DJ sets at one of Glasgow’s most beloved institutions.

Choose your tunes

If you’ve had your fill of nights brimming with chart mainstays and your ears are craving something a bit off the beaten, Glasgow has you covered. If rock, punk and metal is your poison, head down to the Cathouse in Union Street where you’ll find Glasgow’s enduring ‘rock’ club with all it’s pierced and tatted characters. The venue spans three floors, each blasting a different genre, whilst also boasting its very own ’smoking cage’. Atmosphere and and an ‘all are welcome’ attitude make this place the beloved venue that it is. Similarly, if you are fancying a bit of vintage funk with a bona fide disco ball, Bath Lane’s Buff Club will see you right. This place touts booze at a very affordable price whilst offering the very best in soul, hip hop and funk on weekends and weekdays alike. Both these historic venues carry a lot of clout in Glasgow’s alternative music circles, however there’s one contender that stands head and shoulders above the rest.