A guide to Student Nightlife in Manchester

So you’ve just packed your last bag. Your hair is slick with gel. With this overpowering smell your mum has commented on on the journey there. But it doesn’t matter. You are ready to schmooze your way through a crowd of women lay at your feet, wearing Victoria’s Secret underwear and chanting your name… Now wake up. And let us commence with the reality of setting off into the bright lights of the Northern City that is Manchester. 

You are worried whether you brought all your toiletries, whether anyones going to get your sarcastic sense of humour or whether you have enough condoms for Fresher’s Week. Have. No. Fear. I am here to give you a guide on where you should be heading up in the almighty first week of University, as well as the standard week by week venues you can catch your mates necking on with the quiet girl from the ground floor who you have seen with binoculars after lectures. She is literally stalking your squad.

Ladies. So you’ve finally made it. Out of the rents house. Now is your time to shine. Don’t overdo it on the make up and hair. You will get sick in it. And I am afraid I cannot guarantee who’s it will be. So make sure you are wearing shoes you can walk in, have all your essentials with you, including ID (Yes they all assume you are 12) and head on from there. Lads. No snapbacks, no trainers. I swear to god the best attire you can wear is t-shirt and jeans. There are women EVERYWHERE. It is your time to shine, so get cracking on those smooth lines and beelining for your bird before she’s taken!

Pre Drinks
This is sometimes the best part of the night. You can actually have a decent conversation, and your friends all gather together to embarrass each other through drunken games of ‘I have Never’ or spend 45 minutes explaining ‘Fuzzy Duck’. This is prime time to get to know one another. Open up the tequila, pour in that absinthe. It will all be fine in the morning. Either that or you could be wrapped around a lamppost with no pants on - it is a risk worth taking! Get the booze in, game plan your evening, jump in your taxis (or local MegaBus) and head into town for a night of events you’ll be too drunk to remember..

Manchester University
The ‘Upper East Side’ of the Universities. Student nightlife tends to revolve around the nicer student bars such as Jabez Clegg (opposite the Union), 42’s, 5th Avenue. Anywhere with good music but not so grimy you get jaeger on your designer watch. Just good old indie and pop music for you and the gang to have a good time, and spoil yourselves rotten on 25 sambucas. Each. 

For those who prefer something a bit more underground, we have Joshua Brooks and Sound Control - both quality venues, cheap drinks and adhere to all you students out there. Check the music online and there will be something for everyone - they’re like raves. But a bit classier.

Manchester Metropolitan University
Now Man Metter’s tend to have more of a grimy vibe to their student nights. Still absolutely brilliant, but a bit more lary. For you ravers we have Sankeys / Warehouse Project and the new Hidden which is takin

g over by storm in Manchester. You are sure to have a good time. Maybe bring home the wrong phone and be really sticky but have no idea why - then your night has been top. 

Now for you classier folk - we do have the student nights on over in the Printworks. Ah, our good old home of the young and reckless. And the old and reckless. Well. If you’re a pisshead. We’ll find you there. TigerTiger and Birdcage both have nights accommodated for you students, discounted flyers to get in and those VIP photos ready to snap..only for you to delete first thing in the morning ‘MICHELLE WHY THE HELL DID YOU TAG ME IN THAT I LOOK LIKE A HIPPO’. This area of Manchester is a classic for students. Find the student night, and buy your ticket before it sells out and you’re left at home to Netflix and Chill watching Spiceworld on your one. 

Manchester is the place to be for a night out. Whether its indie, pop, rock, r’n’b, house or techno - we have it all covered. There’s a vibe in Manchester you feel once you step off at Piccadilly. So students. This is the time of your life. Enjoy!


By Jasmine Danaher