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Thomson Scene

Say hello to a brand new collection of holidays designed for 18-30 year olds.  Tailored for those who want both up-tempo nights but with a real travel experience thrown in. Thomson’s aim is to offer new classy holiday for young travellers.

Tui’s parent company is working hard to offer more stylish hotels instead of the standard all-inclusive.  With long-haul destinations such as Thailand, Cancun and Dominican on the line-up, it’s a brand that’s sure going to have a whole load of hash tags in 2016.

Been there and done the whole typical clubbing abroad scene? Now the only scene you should be preparing your kaftans and wedge sandals for is #ThomsonScene2016.

If your fresh out of university, or even been working for a couple of years and still have the urge for lively night ‘outout’s' this summer, then get yourself down to your local Thomson store now to grab your Scene brochure.