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Southampton Nightlife

One of the UK’s most historical cities, Southampton has played a significant part in helping to shape the country that we know and love (well most of us). The South coast city is famous for its association with the RMS Titanic and the Spitfire, as well as being one of the departure points on D-Day (Rule Britannia anyone?). Nowadays, Southampton is known for having a thriving music scene that is full to the brim with traditional pubs, funky bars and live music venues – providing you with a fantastic night out regardless of music taste, style preference, or the weight of your wallet!

The Portswood area is one that is much-loved by locals and visitors and it is a place where many 2nd and 3rd year students reside (meaning that you won’t have to look far to save money). Here you’ll find perhaps their most famous (or infamous) nightclub, Jesters – one of the cheapest nights out in the city and a place that is seen by some outspoken drinkers as ‘the worst in Europe’, which we believe makes it all the more intriguing; adjacent to which you’ll find Clowns Wine Bar, which offers a similar price list in a somewhat better level of comfort – they have couches! And just a few yards away you’ll find Sobar, Southampton’s biggest student-only venue where you’ll find big screens, comfy chairs and a warm and friendly atmosphere, as well as a huge outdoor area, heated of course (it is England). Though any Lord of the Rings fans should head to ‘The Hobbit’, a pub inspired by the popular film trilogy – take on the Fellowship Quest and enjoy twelve imaginatively named cocktails, including Frodo, Gandalf and Legolas (it doesn’t need to be on the same night though, we don’t want you leaving to have your stomach pumped!).

Moving closer to the town centre, Bedford Place, where you’ll find a multitude of bars, pubs and clubs that are all practically on each other’s doorstep – from the 2013 winner of Britain’s best small club ‘Junk’, with a top of the range sound and lighting system that has attracted the likes of Frank Turner to perform there; to the self-proclaimed ‘jewel of Bedford Place’, Buddha Lounge (and any place with the word ‘lounge’ in the title has to be classy right?). Grab yourself a taste of the far east at Tokyo, or indulge in some of your favourite Cocktails at 90 Degrees – a great place for an all-dayer, it changes from a place that serves food during the day to a popular bar venue at night (it also shows all the sport!), come on a Sunday and enjoy some live music, or head over on a Wednesday and give it a go yourself at their open mic night. And for those looking for a bit of familiarity, here’s where you’ll find everybody’s favourite vodka bar, Revolution treating you to everything from Indie to Electro-house – check out the sky terrace for the ultimate in sophistication; and you can also dance yourself through the decades to everything cheese at Popworld – get up on the raised platform and try out the Monica and Ross routine (or make a fool of yourself creating your own).