Taxi Guide

It doesn’t matter if you’re on your way out or on your way home, the worst part about a night out is actually getting where you need to be. Whether it’s walking in skyscraper heels after a few too many pre-drinks, dashing for the train or swaying all over the bus because there are no seats, it generally sucks. So what do most of us do? We book a taxi, which is the smart thing to do really. However, it’s Saturday night, you haven’t pre-booked, there’s a group of you eager to get out and the taxi firm is saying it’s going to be 45 minutes, what do you do? Well, look no further; we’ve got you covered.

Thanks to this digital age we are surrounded by things to make life easier, a fact our parents are sure to remind us of, not like in their day. One of the most recent developments is Gett, an app to make catching a taxi as easy as ordering Domino’s at 4am. Right now the app is only available in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Glasgow, but if you’re lucky enough to live in one of those cities then your life’s about to change.

With Gett all the hassle of taxi booking is removed. Booking a cab is just a click away in the app, completely removing the need to get through on the phone. A black cab is then dispatched to your location, which can be tracked in the app so you know how many drinks you can sink before heading out the door. There’s no need to stop at a cash point either as you can pay for your fare directly in the app as well as tipping the driver and getting a receipt sent to your email. And to top it all off, there are no hidden charges or extra fees; it’s just what’s on the meter.

Similarly there’s Uber, which has since taken the world by storm. Uber and Gett share a lot of similarities, but where Uber sets itself apart is the availability. With drivers in practically every corner of the UK those living in smaller cities will benefit more from Uber and thanks to the addition of UberPool where you can split the fare with other users on the same route it’s one of the best ways to save some pennies for the bar.

However, as we all know it’s a completely different story getting a taxi at the end of the night. Pre-booking is out of the question as who knows when it’s all going to wind down and phoning for a cab in the middle of the night is also a nightmare, particularly in London. Fortunately technology is on hand again to make life easier.

Meet Hailo, the virtual taxi-hailing app that makes getting home so much smoother. Just let the GPS find you and Hailo will alert the nearest taxi to come get you and your friends. They’re all black cabs so there’s no fear of hopping into the back of an unlicensed, uninsured driver. It’s only available in London, Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester at the moment but they are planning to expand the service in the near future.

These are the best of the bunch and with many competitors arriving on the scene you’ll be inundated with options, but it does mean that going out just got even easier so wave goodbye to your bank account.


By Chris Mackin