Winter Wonderland Nights

Struggling to get into the spirit of the season? There are many solutions to cure the winter blues; hot chocolate and marshmallows, the local German markets or perhaps a bit of the Muppets Christmas Carol. However, if you’re looking for something a bit grander then there’s really no place like Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.

The first bit of good news about Winter Wonderland is that it’s free! So for those just wanting to soak up the atmosphere and get that Christmas feeling it won’t cost you a penny, but for those of you wanting a Baileys and hot chocolate (or three) read on for the definitive guide to a night out in Winter Wonderland.

Once inside you’ll want to head on over to Bar Ice. We should mention that while it’s not mandatory, booking in advance is highly recommended before heading over. Upon arrival for your 30-minute session you’ll be given a special coat and gloves to keep warm as well as your very own personal ice glass for your drinks. A complimentary drink comes with entry and you can choose from a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails at the bar. Sink it fast enough and you’re more than welcome to head back for another before you start to freeze.

Once you’ve left the chilly confines of Bar Ice behind it’s time to head to the next bar and there are a few to choose from. If Bar Ice has you in the mood for more cocktails then Mr. Frogg’s Cocktail Bar is where you want to be. With a wide array of drinks to choose from why not sit back and relax in the cosy Victorian-era décor whilst sipping on the world’s finest concoctions before braving the outdoors again? For those wanting something a little heartier there’s the famous Bavarian Village serving an incredible selection of beers. Complete with an outdoor beer garden, traditional Bavarian cuisine as well as an oompah band, it’s about as Christmassy as it gets.

You’re most probably getting a little bit peckish by now so you’ll need to find somewhere armed with booze and grub, which Winter Wonderland has in spades. Feeling a light snack? Head to the fire pit for toasted marshmallows and a warm mulled wine whilst being serenaded by the 70s house band. For a more substantial meal there’s the Arctic Lodge Bar, Mirror Bar, the Swiss Chalet as well as The Outpost and Grizzly Inn, which all serve a selection of hot food as well as drinks.

By now, if you’re anything like us all the crowds have gotten a little too much and it’s time to escape to some of Hyde Park’s less crowded spots.You’ll want to swing by the Wilton Arms first, soaking up that lovely winter pub vibe. With a wide selection of beers, wines and spirits this is the perfect way to wind down.

If you’re keen to keep the night lively then venture further east and head to Arch Bar, which boasts an impressive selection of the finest spirits and wines in the capital, with 35 different gins alone to sample. Just down the road you’ll also find the Back Room Bar, which is touted as the best kept secret in Mayfair. Run by The Hard Rock Café, Back Room Bar is a speakeasy steeped in rock and roll. With regular blues nights, amazing cocktails and charismatic staff it’s a visit worth making.

The rest of Hyde Park starts to get a little too fancy not to mention exclusive so these are your best bets for ending your Winter Wonderland with a tasty beverage close by. Wrap up warm!