Sushi Samba

If you’ve ever for a second doubted our Capital’s charm, one trip to Heron Tower will squash all that. 

Fine dining, meet art exhibition, meet tourist attraction; Sushi Samba intrigues all five senses.  Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind as you step into one of two panoramic glass elevators clinging to the side of Bishopgate’s Heron Tower.  Hurtling up 38 floors in a matter of seconds, past a breath-taking taster of the views this location has to offer and you’ve arrived.  Colourful sprays of paint deck the main entrance walls, eclectic and effortless the design celebrates the cultures Sushi Samba is founded on; Brazilian, Peruvian and Japanese. Having been up and running for three years you may think the novelty of a restaurant skyscraper would have worn off-but it still hasn’t and rightly so, will not.

A double-height glasshouse accommodates the dining area; romantic as it is adventurous it caters to every preference.  Be you bachelor, single lady or loved-up couple, this hotspot’s chameleon abilities engages even the most stubborn heart and can’t help but be applauded. Bulbs of light hang at varying heights from the bamboo-lattice ceiling, set off by vibrant green foliage dangling from the dramatic rafters.  Encased in Sushi Samba’s glass box, floating above London and surrounded by a 360 degree city view- from Spitalfields to Alexandra place or Stepney to Essex- you’re ensured no matter which direction you face a spectacular sight. 

The focal point of the west terrace is a mesmerising tree sculpture, an artwork in itself it sits surrounded by bottles of fine liquor in the outside bar.  Inspired by street art its warm autumn colours of red, burnt orange and yellow illuminate the balcony and create a dialogue for even the dullest of conversations. If you happen to find yourself on the most boring of dates just draw their attention to the tree, trust me, it’ll buy you some time.  Sushi Samba may not promote it in this way but that’s what it’s there for; oh power of diversion, it works!

Famous for its ever-changing cocktail list of unrivalled presentation and design, the diverse selection of spirits and flavours demonstrates the glam-spot’s breaking of boundaries.  Sushi Samba says it likes “to showcase how diverse and unusual flavours usually found in a kitchen can equally be delivered behind the bar.”  It’s this experimental approach that keeps me, and dare I say what will keep ‘you’, coming back for more.

Sushi Samba’s dress code is one of “casual-elegance”; I know interpreting this oxymoron can occasionally present a bit of a dilemma for even the best of us but it’s quite simple.  They want dressed up versions of your casual wear, which means no trainers, shorts, sportswear or flip flops, although I assume the last requirement would -for everyone-be a given.

If you like the sound of Sushi Samba and let’s be real, how can you not?! Visit their website.


Jessika Downes-Gössl