Vinyl and Kuda Tamworth

If you’re in need of somewhere to celebrate, or just want to party the night away, head to Vinyl and Kuda. If you’re from Tamworth or Birmingham, this is the place to be. Open till the early morning hours of 4am there’s plenty of time to perfect that twerk. Their doors are open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights with standard tickets at a cheerful price of £5, seriously, 5 POUNDS. If you would like to live a little more fancy, they have a number of packages available.

First there’s the ‘Clubber Pack’ which includes an entry ticket, one drink voucher, and a fast-track ticket that allows you to get super quick entry, suitable for those who just want a night out without the waiting – it’s always pleasing when you get to do that diva walk past everyone else in the queue.

Next up is the ‘Designated Driver Pack’, intended to help out that member of your group who acts as the taxi for everyone else. This package will get the squad to the front of the queue, get you in, and guarantee you don’t go thirsty. They also throw in a cloakroom voucher and three soft drink vouchers, yay!

Third package is the ‘Celebration Pack’ for those of you who are looking to celebrate, whatever it may be, that new dream job, single life, finally getting all that laundry done, anything really. This exclusive package includes two bottles of prosecco, a bottle of vodka with mixers, and a VIP booth or suite, yaaaaaas.

Now for the more prestige packages which all include a VIP booth or suite. First is the ‘Silver Pack’, including a bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne (Ooooooh), a bottle of Russian standard, and 8 cans of red bull, drink up! Second is the ‘Gold Pack’, which contains a bottle of Perrier Jouet Grand Brut (I have no idea what this is but anything I can’t pronounce is usually good right?), a  bottle of vodka with red bull to mix as per. Now for the ‘Platinum Pack’, with this you get 2 bottles of Moet & Chandon, a bottle of Grey Goose, 12 red bulls, and a bottle of Rose, holy moly. Last but not least is the ‘Ultimate New Year’s Eve Pack’, available exclusively for New Year’s Eve. This pack gains entry for 8 people, includes a bottle of Belvedere Vodka, Moet & Chandon, Rose, and a private booth. Better get booking!

If you’re wanting to celebrate a special birthday such as an 18th or 21st, Vinyl and Kuda offer parties for just these occasions. Get your own private decked out area of the club with your favourite drinks, a yummy cake, your desired tunes and party hard. Just let Vinyl and Kuda know what you want and leave the planning to them, they will ensure you have the best birthday ever.

Of course they didn’t forget Hen Nights and Stag Dos. Just like their birthday parties, simply let the club know what you require, they do the hard work, and all you have to do is enjoy your last night out as a singleton!

We all love a good cocktail right? How about a cocktail masterclass? Ah-ha! I have your attention. Vinyl and Kuda offer cocktail masterclasses for that secret bartender in you. Learn how to make tasty cocktails whilst picking up some handy tips and techniques. During the lesson you will learn how to make 3 cocktails such as the Smirnoff Jam Jar Shake, the Cîroc Coconut Jam Jar Shake and the Cîroc Red Berry Royale. Prices start from £25 per person and are an hour and a half long.

It’s pretty clear Vinyl and Kuda offer anything and everything one could want in a club. They cater to everyone’s needs and just want you to have an amazing night. Get down to Vinyl and Kuda Tamworth now and have the time of your life. th


By Cherise Chana