The return of Moles (Bath)

Get into a conversation about Bath’s nightlife and you’ll undoubtedly hear someone mention the name “Moles”. For years this much-loved venue was home to countless amazing nights and also hosted hundreds of incredible bands such as The Smiths, Oasis and Portishead. Sadly though Moles has been closed for 21 months due to an electrical fire that completely gutted the venue. The blaze, which thankfully only harmed the building sent ripples throughout the city as one of the cornerstones of the nightlife scene was wiped off the map. However, after what has seemed like an eternity Moles will finally reopen its doors to its adoring public.

Possibly the most important thing to note about Moles’ return is that co-owner Phil Andrews did not want to tart up the venue, which has always proudly worn its grittiness from the get go. Stepping over the threshold will feel more like coming home after a few years away rather than walking into a stranger’s front room. However, whilst the appearance may stay untouched, Moles is going to sound a little different. Thanks to a new digital mixing desk as well as the other bells and whistles, Moles will boast an extraordinary set of lungs to propel the long-awaited noise that’s long been absent within its walls, a noise that will be coming thick and fast.

The triumphant reopening will take place on 27th November and will be split into two parts. At 7pm the doors will open for Don Broco’s headline show featuring support from Press to Meco and An Arcane Dispute. With everybody suitably amped up Moles will transform its stage into a dance floor and make way for Eats Everything and Erol Alkan who will keep the party going long into the night. (Please be aware that tickets for Don Broco do not include access to the 10:30pm club night.)

The following week the beloved “Big Cheese” returns on 1st December for a night of cheesy classics.  The rest of December is essentially an early Christmas present thanks to week after week of amazing artists such as Brooklyn Zoo, The Quemists, Bad Sounds and The Family Rain. There are more gigs lined up for the New Year though no official listings have been made for the return of any of the other staple nights Moles used to host. We imagine it’s just a matter of time.

After such a long absence what does the return of Moles mean for Bath? Well, in short it’s an injection of adrenaline that’s been severely lacking. Whilst surrounding venues such as The Nest and Komedia have done their part to take on Moles’ signature nights and shows it’s just not the same. Whether it’s being inches away from the next big thing or grinning ear to ear as another cheesy anthem blares out of the speakers, Moles offers an experience that no other venue in the South West can lay claim to.


By Chris Mackin