Cav Edinburgh

Not many nightclubs can say they’ve been active for almost 60 years but one of the few that can is Edinburgh’s “Cav”. Originally opening in the 1940s as a dancehall Cav has transformed itself several times over across the years hosting some of the biggest names in music not to mention delivering amazing entertainment year after year. Now three years after a half-million pound refurbishment and returning to it’s original name Cav remains one of Edinburgh’s hottest venues and here’s why.

Only a stone’s throw from Edinburgh Waverley train station Cav is as central as you could ask for, but how does a nightclub remain so popular for so long? Well for starters Cav is one of the most expansive venues we’ve covered recently. With a capacity of 1,214 Cav is fit for just about any occasion you can think to throw its way. Inside you’ll find three themed rooms, each kitted out with its own bar, dance floor and the best in sound and lighting equipment. For those feeling fancy and not wanting to rub elbows with the riff-raff there’s the rather decadent VIP exclusive Luxe Lounge.

Cav is certainly well equipped, but a huge venue is nothing without something to fill those rooms night after night, thankfully Cav’s got a good idea what keeps people coming back. Wednesday night is “Freshman”; a midweek bargain at £1 entry up to midnight that is the perfect opportunity to inject some life into Edinburgh as the weekend slowly comes into view. Friday night is “Broke”, which as you’d expect is the perfect night for a bank account in serious need of help. Drinks are £1, DJs are in abundance and booking early is a must! Saturday’s get a little raunchier as infamous male strippers Dreamboys take to the stage for an evening of laughs and titillation. After every thong has been retrieved Cav re-opens later that night for “Aura”, Edinburgh’s biggest Saturday night out. And if there’s somehow still fuel in the tank then close out the week with Disco Sunday’s.

As ever a club like Cav would not be where it is today without offering that little bit extra to its loyal customers. Holding your next party with Cav in the driver’s seat is a no brainer. With a whopping 19 booths to choose from as well as a variety of packages ranging from entry and your first drink to a private booth and enough booze to sink a ship there’s no shortage of enticing deals to celebrate with your friends. You can even try your hand at creating the next great cocktail with Cav’s master classes, which start at £25 per person for a 90-minute session.

Well there you have it, undeniable proof of why a venue that’s been entertaining Edinburgh for almost six decades still proudly claims the No.1 spot in nightlife. It’s about time you sampled it for yourselves really.

By Chris Mackin