Kosho Romford

Whenever The Only Way Is Essex is on and they’re out swilling each other in clubs, swapping numbers or simply having a good night, I always look at the venue they’re in, note it down and when you’re eventually in Essex on a night out, you can impress people by knowing exactly where are the places to be seen are.

Kosho is a stylish venue in Romford that is open six days a week. The interior is swish and really makes you feel you’re being filmed. Most nights they have an event going on, so you won’t be turning up and looking like Billy no mates when there’s no one else there. On Sundays, ‘Movement’ takes place with DJ Joe Langenhan & friends. I hope these friends don’t just stand behind the DJ, it’s always more lively when people get involved, don’t you think? Here’s the best bit; from 7pm on Sundays there are half price drinks. So I guess you wouldn’t care how busy it is if you’re getting merry with your friends in a corner for half the price.

Tuesday is CK night and it’s free entry before 11pm and half price drinks from 7pm. I can’t think of a way where this night could get any cheaper; unless you get a lad to buy you all your drinks, as it is Romford’s premier gay night! On Wednesday, Kosho hosts the 80s & 90s party ‘Boogie’. This is free entry all night and who doesn’t love all those classics. Spice Girls anyone? Then Thursdays again is half price drinks all night, free entry and R&B themed. Jay-Z- holla.

You only need to scan through one album of pictures and you’d be able to spot a few celebs off reality TV, but you could spot them in person here- especially in the VIP booths. VIP tables start from £100 and include priority queue jump, free entry for up to 10 guests and a hostess for your VIP tables. Make sure you watch your pennies though, a 3L bottle of Ciroc is £600, however this is VIP we’re talking about.

Kosho put on big events all year round, like this coming Saturday. Hosting the night will be cheeky chappy James Hill, who was on The Apprentice and then went on to win Celebrity Big Brother! Although it is free entry, I would recommend you go early or book a VIP table, as it will be busy. They are putting on a show for Christmas as well. Christmas Eve tickets start from £5, as do New Years Eve tickets. Make sure you attend at least one and join in on the countdowns.


So if you have never been on a night out in Essex, Kosho is one of the best places to start, you may even bump into a TOWIE star and end up going home with a picture with them, their number or indeed- hand in hand!

By Hannah Williams