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London Cocktail Week

You might remember a couple of weeks ago we whetted your appetite for some midweek cocktails in London. Hopefully you’ll have also remembered that last week was the wonderful London Cocktail Week where you could sample the best the city has to offer. We understand if you got your dates muddled up, so if you’re unlucky enough to have missed out here are the highlights from the week’s frivolities.

In response to the ever-growing popularity this sixth iteration of London Cocktail Week moved to a newer and larger hub in Soho where the beloved Vinyl Factory was transformed into a pop-up speak easy. Once armed with a wristband the world’s finest spirits and free experiences were at your feet, preparing you for a weeklong adventure into the world of refined drinking.

After being let loose on the city streets there were a few things that could not be missed, most importantly the new London Cocktail Week Village. Converting the Old Spitalfields Market, the village became the heart and soul of the celebrations featuring a mad concoction of the very best cocktails in the capital. With free entry and over 30 unique pop-up bars, trucks and even bicycles serving a variety of drinks there was no finer place to begin your journey. If you’re fighting back the tears it’s only going to get worse, but keep reading…please. We love you.

Next up on our list was the rather special 24-hour bar build. Assembling four teams at four bars from some of the finest cocktail makers in the world the next 24-hours would be an all-out battle to crown the winner of the most innovative bar and creations.  It’s with great pride that we can inform you that our very own Team London were crowned champions with their Mexican infused bar and drinks. Team Paris came second with their “Grand Bleu” bar complete with a bathtub filled with ice cubes below a shimmering disco ball. Team NYC came third with their ‘hip-hop style” bar and Team Singapore fourth with their “Cuban boxing ring” theme. Winners and losers aside 24-hour bar build was an unforgettable chapter in London Cocktail Week.