Kapu Cardiff

Cocktails are life. Well not necessarily but to some of us, a cocktail at the end of a bad day can turn it all around. Especially if one leads to two and two leads to three and then you know the way the night is going. Nevertheless, anyone can tell a good cocktail from a bad one and I’m going to give you the heads up and send you in the right direction for a mood-changing night.

Kapu Tiki bar is in Cardiff and has a Hawaiian theme, with Tiki tenders serving up the most exotic, fresh fruit beverages before your own eyes. Their selection of rum comes from around the world and will probably have any type you wish for. Their tropical paradise will surely have you in the mood to get your grass skirt, coconut bra and garland on but take note that is not the dress code so you will possibly be mistaken for one of the staff.

Each Tuesday they have a night for those of us who have our dancing shoes on, yep, it’s Latin Tuesdays. So they actually serve alcohol and teach dance. Did I mention it’s 2 for 1 cocktails? They have beginners salsa, improvers/ intermediate salsa and the Bachata (which is a style of dance). When all the classes are over at 10:15pm, a free Latin party starts which goes on till 1am! How could you turn down exercise and alcohol? It’s just logical.

On Fridays they have Cardiff’s Hawaiian Hideaway. Free entry all night and from 5-12 it’s the good old deal we love on cocktails, 2 for 1. You can reserve a free (this venue is too kind) table and sit back and relax after a long week and sip your favourite cocktail. Saturday nights also have a similar night, but although there’s not free entry, the atmosphere is still fun and drinks are flowing.

If you’ve always wanted to be able to whip up fantastic, tasty cocktail to impress your guests, Kapu Tiki Bar is the place to learn. They host Cocktail classes where expert cocktail creators teach you tips and tricks and make you get stuck in. You can learn to master three cocktails, get a glass of bubble on arrival and only for £24.95 per person. This is great for birthdays, office parties, hen & stag nights or even as a date!

If you have a celebration coming up, Kapu offer a range of packages from the Bronze to the Treasure chest, which cater for up to 8 guests and come with spirit, mixers, champagne and entry. They are showing the rugby world cup and even open on Sundays for it, how sporting of them! If you like your rum, get yourself down if you’ve never been and have a few cocktails for us.

By Hannah Williams