Glam Nightclub Cardiff

If you’ve ever been to Wales, or indeed live there, you would’ve, without a doubt, heard of Glam. Popular with students and regular folk, you’re always going to have a cracking night there. They bring regular live international acts, famous weekly events and a VIP lounge.

Glam are celebrating their 7th Birthday (Happy Birthday Glam, hope we get a VIP invite) and on Saturday the 17th of October, Pia Mia is hosting the party. The gorgeous, blonde haired American has now got a global hit with Chris Brown and Tyga, Do It Again. Another one off night Glam are putting on is ‘Glamoween’. Of course this is on the 31st and will be a fancy dress party, so get working on your zombie makeup. AJ KING from KissFM is hosting, who has his own show on Kiss. If you want to take Halloween to the next step, book one of the table packages. Then you’ll be guaranteed a place to rest your poor feet in those killer heels. Glam are also putting on an even that could be a little controversial. Dapper Laughs is returning for the second part of his ‘Res-Errection’ (oh very funny Dapper) tour that got a lot of media attention this past June. It’s strictly over 18’s and also not really for strong feminists. If you fancy watching Dapper attempt to comeback, make sure you’re free on the 14th of October, it could go either way.

Speaking of VIP, let’s get talking of just that. Hidden away from the peasants is the VIP lounge, with glamorous furniture allowing guests to relax. The lounge has it’s own bar, jam-packed with premium spirits and champagnes. It also has it’s own DJ booth. Any night you choose to visit Glam, you may as well get yourself in there.

Each week, Glam are known especially for three main nights. On Mondays it’s called The FEST. Free entry before 12am and the best deals on a Monday with 2-4-1 cocktails and fishbowls till 12- things can get very messy on a Monday. It is also popular with students as all the drinks are crazy cheap. Jakob bombs are £2 and a VK is also £2, what more could students, or anyone that wants a cheap night, want?

Friday sees ‘Smack’, which has been going for five years. In those, they have seen the likes of DJ Fresh, Clean Bandit, Mistajam and more come into the building and smashed a great night.  It’s the longest running and number 1 Friday night. I’m not surprised, considering a single vodka mixer is £3 and a double is only and extra £1. You’d have to actually be careful not to over drink with those prices. Or do, it is a Friday after all.

Now Saturday. My favourite night of the week because Sunday is all about chills so you can get as messy as you like, don’t you agree? ‘Vanity’ is on every Saturday and is all about the music. Prices go up but both rooms are open and level 1 plays chart, dance and house music and level 2 has RnB, hip hop and dubstep. It is the place to be seen on Saturday nights, so make sure you get snapped up and tagged on Facebook.

So if you’re stuck on where to go away for the weekend with your group of friends or you and your partner fancy a night away, head to Cardiff and make sure you check out, Glam.


By Hannah Williams