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Dare to fall into the rabbit-hole that is Wonderland Sutton and come face to face with its raw and eccentric appeal.  Whilst free-falling ponder these wise words from the Cheshire Cat, “I’m not crazy.  My reality is just different from yours”, remember this quote and you’ll fit right in.  Technically you’ll stand out, but everyone stands out in Wonderland, so you’ll fit right in whilst you all stand out.  See, you can’t help but embrace the slightly head banging and tongue-tying riddles that make Wonderland, well, Wonderland.

Description and Times

Described as “an unfolding story of Avant Garde Art, extraordinary people, spectacular shows, mind-bending décor and inexhaustible entertainment”, Wonderland celebrates the weird and the wonderful.  Suggesting a casual and relaxed dress code, this nightclub blasts top chart and dance anthems.

Booth Booking

There are eleven VIP booths throughout the club; four on the ground floor are strategically placed between the bar and audience seating area, whilst the other seven provide an unparalleled view of the club from the balcony.  Adorned in mismatched patterns and colours, the booths are a perfect portrayal of the little idiosyncrasies only Wonderland can pull off; all the while maintaining the balance it takes to not spill over into the ludicrous.

If a single booth is just not good enough, you can book the entire club for your exclusive use, guaranteeing unrivalled levels of service from the ‘Wonderous Team’.  Recognising each booking is individual; Wonderland offers to host these events for you to an unprecedented standard, assuring VIP treatment fit for the near-royal.

Each booking includes an exclusive booth, guest list entry prices and waitress service all night.  For Private hire enquiries, or to receive more information on booth bookings email Wonderland at bookings@wonderlandnightclub.c


Doors open on Mondays 22:00–2:30, Fridays 22:00-3:30 and Saturdays 22:00–3:30.

Every Monday is a night of YOYO; ‘Your Only Young Once’ is an event dedicated to empowering young people, aiming to switch up your bleak nights and “brighten up the abysmal nightlife that has been masquerading around recently.”  Utilising and merging together influences of design, video, art and first and foremost music, YOYO continues to turn England’s nightlife on its head.  Taking into consideration their catering for young people, Wonderland’s Monday nights come with great drink deals, silly prizes and wacky parties.