Circuit Essex

Scrolling through Circuit Essex Instagram, the urge to hop onto a train, or should I say TRAINS, from Surrey to Romford is close to unbearable.  Circuit Essex posts gear up the clubs 11.7K ravenous followers throughout the week, for an impressive Friday and Saturday night out.  Featuring hilarious meme’s with humour that’ll have you ditching faux LOL’s for a genuine laugh out loud.  How I despise the new fad of using LOL in real life, face to face, everyday conversation.  Laugh out loud for real darn it!

Whilst on the subject of Circuit’s Instagram, please go and check it out (Instagram Name: Circuitessex) so we can, together, flail our arms and scream with girlish excitement, regardless of gender, at the promise of a wild night at the institution. The venue has its own stunning line up of female dancers; CIRCUIT stamped onto them in black, a range of ever changing costumes and ‘turn up’ vibes.  Speaking of ‘turn up’ vibes, the gorilla masked boys, suited and booted in black and white stripes are sure to have you, if nothing else, entertained.

Promoting a sophisticated night out for individuals clad in smart/formal garms, Romford’s new addition to the party scene is already a popular venue; featuring a full Funktion One sound system, progressive lighting design and exclusive VIP options, including table and section hire.  This establishment has selectively chosen and brought key components from high ranking West End nightlife, and laid them at the very feet of Essex’s elite club goers.

Radio Show: Circuit Sessions

Circuit continues to demonstrate its originality by having its own radio show “Circuit Sessions”.  Tune in to Time 107.5 every Saturday from 9pm till 11pm to get your night started.  Whether you’re dressing up and going out, or acknowledging your laziness by getting excited over cancelled plans that result in your staying indoors (GUILTY!), Deeptrak and Justin Pywell know the right songs get you in the right mood and will undoubtedly make that happen.  Playing the best in house music and the classic tunes we all love, they’ll give you a sample of Circuits distinctive qualities.  Tune in on your radio to 107.5 FM or online at  You can also access past radio sessions and listen on the move via their website. 

Weekend’s Events

Here’s a taster of this weekend’s upcoming events…

Friday 2nd October- X:Pose                                                                                                                                                                   

  1. The main room will play House & RnB
  2. Resident Dj’s: Pete Nicholls and Katie Goodman
  3. Tonight they’ll be a long awaited debut from guest X:Pose
  4. Doors will open at 10pm and close at 4am
  5. The price of entry on the door is £8.00, but if you book your tickets online they’ll cost £5.00.  Saving you a whopping £3.00, “Every Little Helps!”- Thanks Tescos.

Saturday 3rd October- Victor Simonelli

  1. The main room will play a set of Rolling, Bouncy & House
  2. Resident Dj’s on the night will be George Mensah and Michael Green
  3. Circuit Essex guest for Saturday will be Victor Simonelli; in the game for twenty something years, he’s definitely not one to miss!
  4. Entry to this night is £10.00 on the door, but you know the deal by now, book online and it’s £8.00 [Run Tescos slogan again]


More upcoming events can be found on the websites events calendar.

For more information on Circuit Essex you can visit their website


Jessika Downes-Gössl