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Halloween (Cardiff 2015)

“Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” Don’t know where that quote comes from? I’m disappointed. Halloween is a night for everyone; kids, adults and teenagers all have options. But in Cardiff this year, there are so many events going on, it’ll be hard to pick the one, which will get you the most spooked.

Want to take Halloween to the next level this year? Cardiff has a few options for those of us who are brave enough. In Llandaff on the 30th, there will be a ‘Ghost Walk Halloween Special 2015’. The itinerary for the night sounds spook-tacular (like what I did there?), drink upon arrival followed by a meal and a seasonal quiz packed with questions about Welsh ghosts and mysteries. Then when you’ve had a few beverages and are feeling the bubbles the ghost walk will begin. The atmosphere will be creepy and the walk will take you through graveyards, fields and ruins. If under 18, you need to be accompanied by an adult, which says it all. Don’t sign up if you shit your pants when someone jumps behind you, it’ll not go down well. Tickets are still available here: k/shop.php?pr=1122

Fancying something even more nail biting? Go for the Cardiff Castle Ghost Tour. For 2 hours you will endure a torchlit tour of the empty castle, visit haunted rooms and hear terrifying tales. The information on the website is limited, they don’t give too much away so it’s a gamble, but considering the tours are available on various dates from the 9th to the 31st of October, I’m pretty sure it’ll be a Halloween to remember. Choose your dates and get your tickets here: k/shop.php?c=20_0

If you’re the more sophisticated type and you just want a reason to celebrate (or you’re the person who wants a reason to get pissed) well Cardiff have options in most clubs on the 31st. Pryzm are hosting a Halloween fright night special and are offering a £500 VIP package to the best dressed. Three rooms will be open playing something that’ll suit everyone. And Treatment, ah Treatment, the Friday night extravaganza we’ve come to know and love. In Cardiff Universities SU, Skream will be headlining the main room (how fitting is that name!) with many more acts in the 3 rooms. The tickets are already on 2nd release so get em’ quick if you want to attend. If you’re an avid rugby fan, you’ll know it’s the final on the 31st and I’m guessing you won’t want to miss it. Tiger Tiger are showing the World Cup Final and have creepy cocktails with a happy hour from 5-9pm so you’ll be drinking blood coloured cocktails all night. Just make sure you’re sick isn’t that colours. Just try not to be sick at all.