10 things every student will experience during Freshers week

Freshers weeks around the UK are just about wrapping up, and yet again, it’s been another great week of the year. A week filled with new friends, new places to go out, and probably more alcohol than you’ve ever consumed in one week. There are some things during freshers which are just universal occurances, and we’ve compiled a list of a few of them. Here are the few of the things that, as a new university student, you will definitely have experienced during freshers week.

1. That really uncomfortable first pre drinks with your new flatmates before you’ve all bonded yet. Drink as much as possible to avoid any awkward silences? Seems like a great idea.


2.  Taking down the phone numbers of every single person you meet during your first night out (but probably not their actual first name), and then never texting any of them.


“Oh that random girl I met in the toilets last night is a fan of Game of Thrones too! So I got her number and we’re going to have a marathon night!”


3. Bonding over the hangover the following morning and realising that everyone is less scary when you all feel like death from vodka is imminent.


4. Discovering that fresher’s flu is not just a myth, and is in fact SO real. Because you don’t know a hangover until you’ve gone out five nights in a row and spent your whole Saturday wishing you could crawl into a dark hole.


5. Going to freshers fair with the biggest hangover of your life, and taking so many freebies and flyers that you could probably set up your discount company. 20% off dominos pizzas, a free lollipop and a chlamydia test? SO worth it.


6. Signing up to every single society the university offers at freshers fair and actually thinking you’ll do them all.


“I can definitely see myself choosing the baking society over watching Bake Off in my pyjamas and eating super noodles every Wednesday. Yep. 100%.”


7. Sexual tension with your new flatmates. It’s going to happen, and you’re going to need to side step the hell around that and completely avoid it. For your own sanity. I’m just saving you the awkwardness that would follow for the next nine months.


8. Completely losing it in Asda when you realise you are completely unprepared for doing your own food shops. Smart Price vodka, baked beans, pot noodles and salt and vinegar crisps is a nutritious enough weekly shop, right?”


9. Realising that you’re just as unprepared when it comes to cooking your own meals. Pasta is about to replace every one of your food groups.

10. Swiftly running out of money after spending all of it on Vodka and hungover breakfasts at Weatherspoon’s, and realising just how dependent you’re going to be on your student loan.

“Give me all the free money now please. Wait, I have to wait how long?!”

Freshers week is scary and can be awkward at first, but it is guaranteed to be the best week of your time at uni. Put yourself out there and enjoy it. You’re only a fresher once!


By Lauren Chassebi