MatchBox’s first birthday!

Let’s all take a minute to celebrate MatchBox’s first birthday. Happy Birthday MatchBox! No, this isn’t a person, it’s Reading’s first venue of its type. It’s a unique cocktail bar and nightclub that has brought sophistication to Reading. Exclusive and modern, you really need to go and check out the décor for yourself, inspired by award winning operations in Berlin, East London and New York. Plus their menu is perfect.

It really is the place to be papped in Reading by Licklist. It’s stylish and unique and is perfect to go on a Saturday. House and chart music is played all night and they always make sure it isn’t cramped like the usual club you go to on a Saturday night. There is a guest list, which is easy to get onto online and you can also hire the venue for a special event. If you want to share your special event with like-minded partygoers, hire a table. You will receive luxurious table service plus you aren’t limiting yourself to just people you know, allowing you to meet like-minded cocktail lovers and dance until the early hours.

Their regular menu is not for the poor students. A 75cl bottle of Hendricks finest is a small price of £130 and a 1.5l of Grey Goose will set you back £260. I guess if there was a group of you, split between each wouldn’t be too bad plus you know you’d have a great, affordable, night. As it is a cocktail bar, it’s only fair I mention their exclusive selection. The ‘Hummingbird’ is made up of Passoa Passionfruit liqueur and Malibu shaken with the perfect blend of Lime and Pineapple Juices for £7.50. How beautiful does that sound? If you’re behind on your sleep, but want to continue on into the night and have a case of FOMO, order a White Russian; Stoli Vanilla Vodka, Kahlua Coffee Liquer and Amaretto, layered with Milk and Cream. It’ll keep you awake and your alcohol levels up.

Students don’t cry about the prices yet. Thousands of you will descend into Reading over the next week. They will without a doubt find Friar Street rather soon and sus out what MatchBox can offer them. Playground is rightfully named for a student night, don’t you think? On Thursdays they have launched their first dedicated student night where they can experience a party like no other in Reading. The mid-week escape promises headline DJ’s and infamous jaeger parties, it’s safe to say it’ll be a favourite all year with students.

On the 22nd of September, MatchBox is launching a new night called ‘Licked’. Expect something different if you’re a student as they’re hosting a night in freshers plus they have a new offer. A new cocktail called ‘Ignition’ and is priced at £7 a jug and will be available every student night this year. Sorry if you’re not a student, but you could try the old “I left my student ID at home” if you were desperate…

So with their first birthday just gone and freshers on our door step, this is the start to an exciting year with MatchBox, if you’re ever in Reading, this is the number one place to attend. G


By Hannah Williams