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Club Aquarium - The latest lowdown.

Me. You. Shoreditch. Clubbing! Need a friend say more?                                                                                                                                                                                                         

 See your dear friend isn’t talking about new clubs on the block, they wanna take it back to the old school. They’re talking; indoor pool. Late night license and a Jacuzzi. By now, unless your permanent residence is under a rock, you must have cottoned on; the place your clubbing companion wants to visit is the renowned Club Aquarium. 

In 1995, a time when Shoreditch was not yet loudly proclaimed as home for some of the best nightlife London has to offer, Club Aquarium established itself; earning its reputation as one of Shoreditch’s largest and longest running party institutions. The only club in England with an indoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi-now let’s stop right there, that in itself puts Club Aquarium on a whole new playing field.  Throw a little water into the mix and a party will jump from 0 to 100.  Couple that with two dance floors, a chill out room, a large variety of the biggest and best tunes, and voila, you have a venue that lives to serve both the seasonal clubber and boisterous newbie.

“What’s the Aquarium’s policy on music?”

First thing you’ll ask your friend is, “what’s the policy on music?” because you’re not going anywhere where the only type of dance is of the ‘hold the wall’ variety.  The answer should be along these lines:  Thursdays start off right, playing dance floor classics and current chart toppers.  This TND event mingles genres, ending with house and techouse.  Fridays celebrate the weeks end with BIGFISH, Aquarium’s electronica, house and (you guessed it) more techouse party, but can you ever truly have enough?  Saturday hosts MOVIMENTO, running from 10:30pm  playing dance anthems and commercial chart music, then changes to standard house/deep house/techhouse. If you feel inclined to mix it up a little (or a lot) with fancy dress, this club is happy to oblige you.  Although if you’re not feeling that urge, smart casual dress will suffice; meaning jeans and trainers are allowed.

Heard of the saying ‘sleep is the cousin of death’? Well, this Club takes the quote literally!  One of the only establishments in Shoreditch with a late night license, Aquarium often hosts mad weekend after parties. So whilst everywhere else is shooing you off the dancefloor and into the chilly outdoors-lets be real, chilly is generic English weather- this place is just getting started!

Planning an event at Aquarium

Planning a night out can be an excruciating event; you get stressed, forget to purchase a new outfit and end up wearing the same thing you wore to your last failed function.  Now your pictures are up on Facebook, because everyone’s obsessed with ‘fb’, and you’re feeling as dumb as rocks.  Actual rocks.  (It may not have happened exactly this way for you, but you get the gist!) Don’t fear, Club Aquarium is here!  Their team of experienced event planners will help organise your event for you; now you’re feeling all ‘dumb as rocks my ass’. 

In case you’re still unsure, Club Aquarium has housed many a prestigious milestone, from reputable club nights, concerts, video shoots and fashion shows, to conferences, product launches and pop up events.  Their clients include Oasis, Richard Branson, Tom Daly, Young furry animals and the famous Playboy.  So any doubts in their ability to make your night extraordinary can be swiftly squelched.