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Clubbing in the rain

When it comes to getting ready for a night out, there is nothing that lowers my enthusiasm for the night more than looking out of the window and seeing that it is absolutely chucking it down. You’ve spent hours curling your hair within an inch of its life, and plastering makeup all over your face, only to have it all ruined running from the taxi to the club, and waiting in the queue to get inside. Heart breaking. But before you just give up and settle for a Netflix night in the comfort of your warm bed, here are a few tips on how to stop the rain from ruining your night.

The cloakroom is your friend

Whether it’s because it ‘doesn’t match your outfit’, you’re worried you’ll forget it at the end of the night, or you haven’t budgeted that £1 cloakroom fee into your spending allowance for the night, so many of us just don’t see taking a coat on a night out as an option. The club cloakroom is a godsend which you should take full advantage of when it’s raining. Take an umbrella or a coat with a hood, and you’ll be able to enjoy your night without loosely resembling a wet dog. Result.

Get creative

At uni, a lot of my friends use the ‘carrier bag on head’ method when rain strikes during pre-drinks. It’s as simple as it sounds really. I’m not recommending you run to your nearest Tesco and raid the bagging areas before your night out, but I guess the moral of this one is: don’t worry about looking a bit stupid on your way to the club. If it keeps you dry, you’re good to go.